Explore Reginald Scot’s “The Discoverie of Witchcraft”, a book considered to be the first published on witchcraft, which fights against the. On such example is Reginald Scot (), who took the incredibly bold step to not only defend accused witches against the charges laid. THE DISCOVERIE v^. WITCHGRAFT. REGINALD SCOT, Esquire. BEING A REPRINT OF THE FIRST EDITION. PUBLISHED IN

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The Discoverie of Witchcraft, by Reginald Scot () | Skulls in the Stars

If you marke the cunning ones, you shall see them speake darkelie of things to come, devising by artificiall subtiltie, doubtfull prognostications, easilie to be applied to everie thing, time, prince, and nation: These were ancient superstitions that were deeply ingrained in everyday life. The third edition was published with two imprints inone being the Turk Head edition, the scarcer variant was at the Golden-Ball.

Reginald Scot was born in or around in Kent into a landed English family. The terror of hell fire must needs be to them diverslie manifested, and much more terrible; bicause of their weaknesse, nature, and kind, than to any other: The Discoverie of Witchcraft itself is a shotgun blast against the belief in witches and against the credulous and conniving people who promote that belief.

InScot was involved in a legal capacity in a witch trial in which one Margaret Simmons was accused of witchcraft. This suggests yet another reason why the religious order would have an interest in keeping witch belief alive:.


The Discoverie of Witchcraft

The book also narrates stories of strange phenomena in the context of religious convictions. Scot did adopt contemporary superstition in his references to medicine and astrology. A pretty Charm or Conclusion for one Possessed.

Basson, the first editor’s son, was printed at Leiden in To the extent possible under law, the Text Creation Partnership has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this witchcfaft and encoded edition of the work described above, according to the terms of the CC0 1. It is perhaps not surprising that a fanatic like Summers cannot comprehend such a reginsld.

He has rather harsh and insightful words to say about the astrologers: Yeah, Summers was a weird fellow.

It is in this mood The Discoverie of Witchcraft was published. To Eat a Knife, and to fetch it out of any witchcravt place. He notes how the regular process of law does not apply to cases of witchcraft: This book is even considered to be a textbook on conjuring spirits.

A belief in a non-demon-haunted world is argued throughout the book in a variety of ways. As for the labour, sweat, watching, care, and diligence, which I have used in this behalfe, I cannot shew you them at this time. For a bloody Flux, or rather an Issue of blood. For as some reinald these melancholike persons imagine, they are witches and by witchcraft can worke woonders, and doo what they list: A Charm taken out of the Primer.


Popular belief held that all obtainable copies were burned on the accession of James I in To thrust a Bodkin into your Head without hurt.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft – Wikipedia

Just a heads up. Oh excellent peece of witchcraft or cousening wrought by Sylvanus! To make a little Ball swell in your hand till it he very great. Title-page of the edition, as reprinted and reset in The result is a fascinating look at the views on mental illness of the time:.

An Exorcism for the fire. Devils, Demons, and Witchcraft: It is frightening to note that such times are not completely behind us. More Charms for Agues. Human beings are naturally endowed with the ability to reason, but that reason is a far cry from a belief in a world governed by immutable natural laws. However, this was also a time of great change, where people were beginning to think disfoverie rationally and old beliefs were starting to be questioned.

How to convey with words or Charme the Corn contained in one Box into another.