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A disposable filtration device 10 comprises a plurality of disposable filter capsules 12 connected to each other by rigid lines, of which at least some capsules are fixedly attached in a grid universally defined by a holder During the receiving of a first symbol, which bears the process data P1the instruction 22a is loaded.

It also refers to a rear view device with a base to be fixed to a vehicle, a head rotatable relative to the base and a detent system of the invention, wherein the first component is part of or fixedly connected to the head and the second component is part of or fixedly connected to base. The invention relates to a storage device 1 for storing electrical energy, comprising: The first and second cooling plates are arranged at opposite sides of the coil to be in thermal contact with the coil.

The control unit is designed such that the data in the shift register is advanced by one storage space with each received bit in the shift yyand after all of the bits of the entered password have been completely received, a comparison is carried out with the password stored in a password storage unit using a comparatorce the control signal is used depending on the result of the comparison.

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The second sequence is different from the first sequence. A luminaire has a light source carrier around a central light output window, with light sources facing a first, at least partially upward, direction. A method for wideband generation of IQ signals involves a reference signal initially having its frequency doubled and subsequently being supplied to a master-slave D-type flip-flop DIV2 in order to obtain an I component and a Q component of the reference signal. According to the invention, the LED light module comprises an LED 14a, 14b, 14c for emitting light, a reflector assembly 22rotatably mounted in a holding frame 16 by means of at least one bearing point 18, 20 about a vertical rotation axis 26having a reflector 24 for reflecting the emitted light, an electrical drive unit 28 for rotating the reflector assembly 22 about the vertical rotation axis 26and an electrical control unit 30 for controlling the drive unit The aim of the invention is to ensure that a hydraulic drive 10 for accelerating and braking a gas exchange valve 20 of internal combustion engines or other reciprocating engines operates in a simple, reliable and recuperative manner.

A task to be performed in relation biorreacttores a patient is then identified based on the patient characteristics, the test subject characteristics and one or more tasks performed on the test subjects. The invention provides a method of forming a container for aerosol generating articles, wherein a blank comprising at least one panel is provided, wherein the surface structure of the panel is opened in a central adhesive ezimologia area, before or after a local height variation in the panel is created by embossing, wherein the local height variation extends as an outer fluid guide element at least partially at the outside of the central adhesive receiving area.


The ciseo relates to a box system 1 having four side walls 4, 10a base panel 3and a lid biofreactores for transporting goods, wherein by means of an immovable hinge geometry 8 the individual elements are in each case connected by means of a solid rod 6The box system 1 comprises five rectangular plastic elements, namely the base panel 3two short side parts 4two long side parts 10optionally having a lid 5and eight solid rods 6 of different lengths which are extruded and cut to length for connecting the elements.


The present invention relates to a pane arrangement, comprising: The present invention provides a method of predicting emergence of colitis ulcerosa or detecting a predisposition to colitis ulcerosa in a subject comprising providing a sample from the subject, and detecting autoantibodies of the subject directed against antigens of colitis ulcerosa in the sample.

The invention also relates to a method for producing such a particle sensor The invention also relates to a method for controlling such a seatbelt retractor.

The first heating element 9 comprises a preferably electrically insulating substrate 11 and at least one electrically conductive, carbon-containing coating 10in particular a polymer coating. At least one braking or locking element is arranged in the vanes or in the wall of the recesses, said braking or locking element being movable between a locking position or braking position, in which it can interact positively or non-positively with the wall of the recess or the vane, and a release position in which the vane moves freely in the recess.

The invention further relates to a blank for forming a container, wherein the blank comprises several panels, and wherein at least one panel comprises an adhesive interaction portion, and to a container for consumer goods, formed from an according blank. The invention also relates to a method for producing an optoelectronic semiconductor chip.

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Process for making an electrode active material for a lithium ion battery, said process comprising the following steps: A lens structure is formed over the set of light sources having a light diffusing output area and reflecting side walls extending between the light sources and the light diffusing output area. Two retaining elements are each arranged successively spaced apart along the longitudinal axis x. The multi-aperture imaging device comprises a beam deflector comprising at least one beam-deflecting element for deflecting a beam path of an optical channel, one beam deflecting element being assigned to each optical channel.

Disclosed is a method for the recovery of nucleic acids from a solid support, the method comprising the steps, in any suitable order, of: The slide-over sleeve comprises a lid, a base, a first lateral wall, and a second lateral wall which are connected together in an articulated manner in order to form a collar.

Also provided is a temperature control unit holding a temperature control medium, for controlling the temperature of the battery modules.

Also disclosed is a method for producing a semiconductor component 1 of this type. A second cable 20 is further slideably associated with the first plate 2 and is adapted to activate a mechanism 21 which allows or prevents the rocking of the second plate A drying agent 15, 15″ is arranged within the cartridge housing 20, 20″and the air dryer cartridge 20, 20″ has a component of an optical measuring system, biorteactores particular a sensor unit,7”, 21by means of which the humidity content of the drying agent 15, 15″ can be determined.

A glazing 10 comprising a first layer A is provided. A first end of the contact pin is adapted to be plugged into an opening of disek pin strip of the enzlmologia connector, the contact pin having at least four retaining elements which are moulded on the base body.

El camino de la biotecnologia en la Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru.

The present application further relates to fibers comprising a hollow core and a shell comprising an organic semiconductor material. At least some regions of the cartridge housing 20, 20″ have a translucent casing surface section 18, 18″ for the passage of an optical signal emitted by a component of the optical measuring system. The invention further relates to a data processing device 10 which comprises a processing unit 14 and such a control unit The invention relates to a primary-pulsed switching power supply 1 for converting an input voltage Ue into an output voltage Uaat least comprising: Adjustment device 1 for a chair which comprises a rocking mechanism composed of a first plate 2which is fixed to a central gas- operated post 7 for the height adjustment of a seat and to which a second plate 10 is articulated, about a first axis 9 enzimologja is transverse thereto and so that it can rock, the second plate being enzimologai to a seat and interacting with means 8a, 8b which are adapted to contrast the rocking of a backrest.


The device comprises a first engagement member 20 arranged coaxially to a horizontal axis on a part 19 fixed in relation to the object, and a shaft 12 having ehzimologia first end provided with a second engagement member 21 and an opposite second end arranged to be influenced by movement of a second stabilizer leg member in relation to a first stabilizer leg member to make the shaft slide along the stabilizer leg under extension and retraction of the stabilizer leg so as to cause pivoting of the stabilizer leg by a mutual engagement of said engagement members 20, The invention further relates to a heat-sensitive recording material, comprising a carrier substrate and a heat-sensitive color-forming layer, which contains at least one color former and at least one phenol-free color developer, the at least one color developer being the compound of formula I.

The biorrreactores relates to a gait training device comprising a treadmill comprising a belt and rolling partsand a frame on which the treadmill is mounted, the rolling parts comprising: The component has at least one sensor which is arranged in a force flow of the mechanical load and which emits a measurement signal in the event of a mechanical load.

The present invention relates to a method for the production of electronic or optoelectronic devices with an anisotropic molecular structure of the organic semiconductor material as well as to such electronic or optoelectronic devices comprising an organic semiconductor material with anisotropic enzimllogia structure.

Diseño de biorreactores y enzimología

At this moment, the data bus subscriber already has knowledge regarding which instruction list should be used. This avoids the need for a separate pressure sensor.

The present invention relates to an electric drive 2 for a bicycle 1the electric drive – comprising an electric motor 5 which has an input shaft 8- comprising an output shaft 6 which is connected to a driving gear 11 for conjoined rotation in order to couple same to a wheel drive 4 of the bicycle 1- comprising a transmission 7 which drivingly connects the input shaft 8 to the output shaft 6- wherein the transmission has an output gear 12which is connected to the output shaft 6 for conjoined rotation in a rotational drive direction 13and at least two drive gears, namely a first drive gear 14 and a second drive gear 15which each mesh with the output gear 12 at a distance from each other in the circumferential direction 16 in order to drive the output gear 12-wherein the transmission 7 has a power distribution 17 which divides a drive power of the electric motor 5 between the drive gears 14, A circuit arrangement for an optical monitoring system comprises a driver circuit DRV which is configured to generate at least one driving signal for driving the light source LS.