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graphics/djview4: fix icons and some other stuff – Remove graphics/librsvg2 from build dependency – Add gettext-runtime to USES and glib20 to. [ trusty ] [ xenial ] [ bionic ] [ cosmic ] [ disco ]. [ Source: djview4 ]. Package: djview4 () [universe] Other Packages Related to djview4. -fullscreen, -fs Start djview4 in full screen mode. Use the key ESC to exit the full screen mode. -slideshow[=arg] Start djview4 in slide show mode. The optional.

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Omitting these keywords selects all panels.

Package: djview4 (4.10.6-1)

Other options are only recognized when running the X11 version of the djview4 program. The horizontal and vertical positions pxpy in the current page are given as fractions in range 0 to 1. If all these searches fail, the user interface language reverts to the english default. Common style names include cdemotifplastiqueplatinumand windows.

Hyper-links are enabled by default. R String search default. The following keywords are recognized: The recognized values for stylename depend on the installed version of the Qt toolkit. Note that disabling the keyboard handling does not disable the shortcuts associated with active menus see options -menu and -menubarvisible toolbars and sidebars see options -toolbar and -sidebar.


The initial content of the toolbar is determined by the first occurrence of a character plus or minus. To install the port: End Display bottom right corner of the image. Privacy Forums Blog Contact. Handy effects can be achieved by holding modifier keys. Various options can be specified using a syntax similar to that of CGI arguments.

In order to separate real CGI arguments from these options, the viewer only recognizes keywords that appear after the word djvuopts.

When using this option is necessary, it is ddjview4 to use both the page and pageno options. This option is less portable than page because it is not recognized by earlier versions of the djvu plugin. Argument keyword must be leftcenteror right. The viewer first searches a page whose identifier matches the argument pagename.

Some options however are only meaningful as command line arguments. Proxy settings for the standalone viewer can be set independently with the preferences dialog.

Ubuntu Manpage: djview4 – Standalone DjVu viewer

The appearance of the toolbar is controlled by djviwe4 placed before the first occurrence of a character plus or minus. The numerical arguments W and H represent the initial window width and height.

The default is yes. If you buy from Amazon USA, please support us by using this link.

This program includes code derived from program tiff2pdfwritten by Ross Finlayson and released under a BSD license. Saving is enabled by default. Use the key ESC to exit the slide show mode. Argument keyword must be leftcenteror right. Unless the toolbar, pop-up menu and keyboard are disabled, the user will be able to change the zoom factor. Otherwise, starting from the current page and wrapping around, it searches for a page whose djvew4 matches the argument pagename.


This might increase the color quality but cause flashing when the viewer window gets activated. It is for which foo plugins support one of web browsers and can take care of plist depend on how you use it at the same time.

Each keyword adds after a plus or removes after a minus a particular toolbar button or group of buttons.

This option is djvie4w useful because it displays messages about the unrecognized constructs in the DjVu annotation and hyperlink layers. The toolbar, the status bar, the scrollbars, the menus, and the keyboard shortcuts are disabled.

When running as a standalone program, the command line argument argument can be: