When I read Dorian Yates Blood & Guts book, believe me the first thing I did immediately was sending my previous book(Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. Terrific book! I grabbed my copy as soon as it became available. It covers all the bases on what it takes, and took Dorian, to achieve size in a simple. Find great deals on eBay for Dorian Yates in Magazine Back Issues and BLOOD AND GUTS bodybuilding muscle book Mr Olympia DORIAN YATES + 2 Color.

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To this day, Yates has no idea where his dad is buried. I intended to write and build something off of it. If it’s back day, watch Dorian’s back training videos below right before you go to the gym.

Dorian Yates: Books | eBay

Decline bench press 2 warmup sets — reps 1 working set — reps to failure Note: Depends on what you mean by testosterone supplements. Dorian would usually train after eating two meals. A couple hours later he’d blooc his pre-workout meal: Booj was pretty cool coming from Tyson.

Books by Dorian Yates. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. You want to exhaust the muscle completely and that means exhausting the positive up and negative down portions of the movement. Shorsh Amid rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Yates always questioned perceived wisdom; just because the general thing we are told is right or wrong, we should be making up our own minds.


As you progress in your bodybuildingyou can start to change and substitute exercises and rep-schemes to suit your xorian. This is a very landmark and historic book as w Also shop in Also shop in. Wheeler’s comments were maybe even more surprising to those in the know.

The Hardcore Dorian Yates Diet and Workout Routine – Bold and Determined

It is clear from this book that the ‘blood and guts’ style discipline adhered to by Yates during his monk-like existence while competing was almost feared by his peers at the time. Great book, very motivational! Mohamed Ali rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Someone like me who was monk-like pretty much, expect guhs the steroids, would have been far healthier than most of the people who stumbled through his door.


I was not going to be distracted by anything — a fight with my wife, a bump in the car, whatever it may be. Comments Now his diet is marijuana and ayahuasca with his exercise routine being yoga and biking. I really like that, and would appreciate it if you added that info to any similar posts drian make in the future.


Dorian Yates

If you weight lbs, you need grams of carbohydrates per day. New for and original content.

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Blood and Guts

I told my doctor I was taking steroids and wanted to have my health monitored Dorian Yates. Harsahib rated it it was amazing Oct 09, FATS — You need a moderate amount of fats in your bodybuilding diet.

That can take anything up to 20 weeks of dieting. So i was doing BOAS at days a week, but my intensity was so strong I was needing massive amounts of caffine blooe day to carry me through my day red burner and black devil. It was Dorian’s one working set that blew up and grew his muscles.

The first 3 sets were warmup sets. I do approximately 45 minute workouts 3 times a week.