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Here are a few photos of the departure village to give you an idea of the ambience. We had a few minor mechanical issues, but nothing serious. Its going to be a long night and day!

Les 4Tiches

Overnight stop in Montpellier. It was spnosoring first trip accomplished with our own four legs. Two classrooms and 20, children will benefit from the equipment delivered. It will be translated into English and Spanish. After riding along the Australian coast and the Himalayas, we will end the trip in Europe. Biking is ecological I t is for us a way to travel without spoiling the environment.

Dossier Sponsoring – 4L Trophy – Les Blondes en 4L | FlipHTML5

Bicycle rhythm gives time to admire the landscapes and s hare humanistic, social and multicultural values with local people. Good thing for guys like us looking for adventure. The Sherbet Road — Morocco, He directed a documentary about a French ice-cream maker awarded Meilleur Ouvrier de France visiting Morocco and China. Biking is economical Considering our budget, the bikes are a huge expense but in the long term, we will save a lot of money.

Very tropyy to find a shower and toilets too! In order to provide the best multimedia content, we will take with us several 4K cameras, a laptop to edit the videos, stabilisation devices, and various microphones. T he communication platforms we use: I t will be broadcast on both French and foreign television, and screened during various festivals. He has always interested in sports, such as athletics and martial arts, which he practiced.


A t nightfall, we will have a tent as a home, sleeping bags as blankets and the ground as a mattress. O ur dossieg started inwhen the second brother was born. We will restrict as much as possible the use of public transports. A bove all, it is an opportunity to be a part of the production of a 52min documentary to be produced for three years, and which will travel too, once finished.

Thursday 19 FebruarySafely arrived in Seville.

Most of the time, he has been traveling by bike: The goal is to fulfil our dream: T his adventure will be captured in a 52 minutes documentary that will deal with several topics:. Weight, robustness, utility, nothing is left to chance.

Dossier de sponsoring

For students looking for adventure, the raid is a unique experience combining sporting challenge, charitable action and a complete change of scenery, where competitors surpass themselves and help each other out along the way. Weve driven the 4L on the tracks and over the dunes like a real 4×4! Wednesday 18 FebruaryWere now in a tiny village 30 km south of Salamanca.

Well try and get a little sleep before setting off. T his adventure will be captured in a 52 minutes documentary that will deal with several topics: M any encountersvarious backgrounds and amazing landscapes are waiting for us.

C ommunication is also part of the Hey Bro adventure. The Marathon leg went really quite well. Or ask local people to help us find a roof under which we can have some rest. Bike has no engine but the legs of the cyclist. The Ice-cream Road — China, Every road and every path is crossed at the pace of pedal strokes and every hill is training for thighs.


He developed a taste for adventure, and learnt the values of mutual assistance and sharing. Sponsoding this context, we will also use our time, energy and cinematography skills to work hand in hand with charity organisations met on the way.

W e will bike our spnsoring cameras in hand. Post on Feb views.

It is essential for us to prove that it is possible to travel and live an amazing journey even with a tight budget. Unfortunately the weather is very bad. Our gear is suitable for travel trohpy optimized for such an adventure. He will be the director of the Hey Bro documentaryhoping that he will arouse sponsring among the viewers.

Those bikes are built for a round-the-world trip, using solid and simple materials, in order to prevent mechanic failures. We leave tomorrow taking with us great memories of an unforgettable adventure!!!

But it is in tropby, when we left for our first expedition, that it really took on a true meaning. Only one word to remember: W e planned to bike around 50 miles a daywith a day off every 10 days.

I n order to promote the natural and cultural wealth of our planet and its inhabitants, ecological and economical ways to travel like cycling, we decided to produce a documentary 52min and short videos 10min to be published on the web every two months.

The short videos will be tro;hy during the trip on our multimedia communication platforms, in order to share this beautiful journey with our community.