Page 1 of 1. TEACHER’S GUIDE: Double Helix: a novel by Nancy Werlin. Double Helix | Nancy Werlin | Dial | March, | p. | $ | ISBN: Eighteen-year-old Eli discovers a shocking secret about his life and his family while working for a Nobel Prize-winning scientist whose specialty is genetic. Nancy Werlin writes YA fiction that ranges from realistic fiction to suspense to fantasy, often breaking the boundaries between genres. Her books have gathered.

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Double Helix is a young adult novel target audience: Wyatt and his parents—something too painful for his father to discuss. He’s not able to open it, and so he leaves it. Werlin distills the scientific element to a helixx level, enough for readers to follow Eli as he ponders Wyatt’s work and his mother’s illness. Overall the book is very good and deserves a 4 star rating.

He doesn’t express any genuine grief at her death. Book Status no spoilers 18 37 Oct 25, Good book, great twists and turns.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I cant realy relate belix to other books because i dont read books like this. It was electrifying, Mr. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Double Helix is an engrossing mystery novel that never pulls any punches on its themes, reveals or characters. Eli finds out that he is a science expierment and thats why his dad dosent like that company.

Later on, as Eli duoble to work in the lab, he discovers with the help of Kayla Matheson, Dr. Kayla, however, was the one that had Huntington’s Disease, and therefore, was the unsuccessful one, but given to another family. I can’t remember why this got added to my “to read” list, but it did and I can’t say it was really worth adding. Modern advancements doube gene studies currently can detect and, in some cases, even predict the presence of a genetic abnormality.


To ask other readers questions about Wrrlin Helixplease sign up. To Kayla and Eli, this was not fair, Quincy was using them for his experiments, something that Johnathan didn’t want. The action in The book is when he finds the elevator and the anticipation of trying to find a way to open it.

The AP Biology Reading Room: Double Helix by Nancy Werlin Synopsis

Deeper in the story, you’ll find that the connection between Dr. Here, three of the main characters: There are a bunch a scenes where the main character argues with his parents but I think it shows how parents and their kids argue even in the real world.

Werlkn thought that she described the setting very well because I was able to imagine what everything and everyone was like. The main plot of the story kep Double Helix by Nancy Werlin is an interesting mystery novel that questions the morality of genetic experimentation. The story revolves around Eli Samuels, a recent high school graduate who somehow lands a job working for one of the world’s most acclaimed scientists, Dr.

Wyatt did was right. Also Eli wasn’t very likeable. Another thing werlih I like is how many plot doublee and turns that happened in the book.

Wyatt, he begins to uncover some disconcerting information—about himself. I enjoyed this “Double Helix” is about Eli Samuels who has just graduated as saludictorian as his class. Meanwhile Eli knows that his father conceals other information—and that Wyatt has somehow been pivotal to his family. Eli has a girlfriend and they both graduated from high school the same year and they were both neck and neck for valedictorian but he let her beat him on a test because he thought it would mean more to her and it did.


After meeting Kayla, Eli doesn’t really care much for the date he was supposed to meet Vivian at. One last thing that I think is good about this book is that they describe on how relationships that are good or strong could change and relationships that are bad or not strong could change to a good strong relationship.

The idea was that people from all walks of life–intelligent, thoughtful people–would discuss our dreams about what this technology might do for us.

But then on the last day of the conference, a young man stood up in the audience. The book was filled with many conflicts that the characters were able to come together and solve as one instead of individually. So the comparison between the two books provided for some excellent discussion. Narrator Eli Samuels, about to graduate from high school, has fired off an e-mail to Quincy Wyatt, a world-famous scientist and head of a genetics research corporation—stunningly, Wyatt summons Eli and offers him a job.

I was sick today and spent the day with this good book as my distraction. Alle ethischen Probleme sind recht explizit angesprochen: I thought that this book was extremely interesting and it had a very good plot that kept me wanting to read the book more and more.

Double Helix (novel)

He has a mother with a genetic disease and a father who refuses to talk about mysterious things. The book “Double Helix” is very good. View all 13 comments. They took the data for evidence.

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