The draftwatermark package implements a few simple commands for adding watermarks to LaTeX documentclass options illustrated Abstract. The draftwatermark package extends LATEX providing a means to add a textual. (usually light gray, but possibly colored) watermark. To do this use the package draftwatermark in the LaTeX document from LaTeX it is nice to remind everyone that it is in the draft stage.

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It’s really hacking things together in hope they will work, so there is a good chance it won’t work. The package includes options to control the placement. Hey Tom How do i put a watermark on top of pictures, mine goes below them. The first one is draftdopy simple, just include the package draftcopy and voila.

Count how many you opening and closing brackets. In the preamble, include the line: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read drftcopy understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Here is some sample code to play with:.

You really helped me out with that. If you are not satisfied with the margins defined by default, you can change these through the geometry package. About Me Filox View my complete profile. November at 2: It is possible to start laex watermark after a certain page using the draftcopy package.

The draftwatermark package uses the everypage package to insert the watermark in every page, so that package might have to be installed too. Ok, i figured that out. However, some things are missing draftcoy the package. Neno wants to know how to use a picture instead of text.


November at I will get back to you if I can think of any work-around. I’ve just draftvopy a look at the package, and using it really seems simple.

Watermarks: Draft, Review, Approved, Confidential – texblog

Hi Raul, Thanks sraftcopy your command and the minimum working example. For those that like to do it the hard way like me: The draftwatermark package documentation would be one way to add watermarks. It provides some flexibility that is sufficient in most cases. Could you please help me What command should i use in order to place text message i.

How to add draft watermark in LaTeX – Code Yarns ????‍????

So anyway, draftwatermark is a great choice if you just want to insert a word centered in the background of each page. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea draftcopt consequat.

The following command controls the watermark text: But can anyone suggest how to change the font?

I have managed to hack together some solution that seems to work, but the code is really ugly and I don’t advise anyone to use it unless you really need to: Therefor the watermark package did not work for me. As with everything else in the wonderful world of LaTeX, there are more ways to do this. If I use the final mode, figures are inserted but the watermark does not show up. Amy, I have posted a possible solution on the blog.

How to add draft watermark in LaTeX

I am not aware of any method to achieve that. And finally, there is no way you could insert drafhcopy picture as a watermark which is what Neno wanted to doand IMHO this could be a big issue for many people who may want their company’s logo as a watermark. The draftwatermark package has some limitations. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thank you for your posts.


Well, Here is my source code for water. But it draftfopy not possible to make it bigger. Yes, you can add an image instead of text using includegraphics:. Also, I know this is a bit late to the party, but I found this post via Google draftcopyy trying to work out how to do what I wanted see below and thought it might be useful to others.

To set a different lightness laex. Moved here by Tom. To add a figure to the current page only: While collaborating on or sharing an unfinished PDF document produced from LaTeX it is nice to remind everyone that it is in the draft stage. This is to benefit others who are having the same or similar problems.

Hi Sarvesh, You probably just have to make sure you get the number of curly brackets right. Please help me to short out the above mention lqtex. The default scale of the text is 1. First, the color of the text is always grey you can choose the grey scale, but can’t have the watermark text in, say, red.