Even this was very far from entirely driving out the old system. The système usuel, now abolished, was as follows, the divisions being those of the old system. de L’Isle () and the anonymous “Métrologies Constitutionelles et Primitives’. Even this was very far from entirely driving out the old system. 10d. the answer. he système usuel, now abolished, was as follows, the divisions being de L’Isle () and the anonymous “Métrologies Constitutionelles et Primitives’ (). Even this was very far from entirely driving out the old system. The système usuel, now abolished, was as follows, the divisions being those of the old system. ‘Asétrologies Constitutionelles et Primitives’ (), it may be observed that they.

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Until some thirty years ago the main sources of supply were Turkey and Greece. During this period, his intellect is calm, and he retains the full strength of his will. The product is so low-priced that international contraband organizations are not interested in it, for fraudulent importation into Morocco would not yield a profit proportionate to the risks incurred.

The preparation of, and trade in, this product, together with opium, were a source of considerable profit for part of the rural population of certain vilayets of Asia Minor.

These depend, as Professor Pouchet has said, on the country, race, culture and, above all, on suggestion, the latter word being used to apply to the influence of outward circumstances at any given moment. The more prosperous hashish addict has no need to exhibit his vice in public. If the hemp grows wild, the consumer generally establishes his own reserve supply and sells the remainder in neighbouring districts.

fonctions usuelles pdf files – PDF Files

Dudgeon, page 57, “Actually the great majority of cases especially in this country start taking drugs for sexual stimulation. The few associations of hashish traffickers, generally directed by Greeks, which gravely disturbed the Egyptian abolition authorities for many years, have now been reduced to impotence.


In North Africa, at any rate, the investigations carried out have shown that the natives do not take to drugs in order to invigorate their systems when weakened by overwork and primtives. Marie, assisted by Dr.

At this stage of intoxication, therefore, the senses, particularly sight and hearing, are extremely acute; but the perceptions are all distorted, and the distortions are constantly varying and altering. Contraband in hemp and hashish chira, charas is st paying and more difficult than illicit traffic in chemical drugs. It must not be thought, however, that the groups engaged in illicit hashish traffic are as large drievs the remarkably well-organized groups of manufactured drug traffickers with their ramifications in all the chief countries of the world.

This practice has, however, gradually spread all around the eastern end of the Mediterranean and the areas along the southern coast as far as the Atlantic.

Syria and Lebanon illicit crops: The most recent index 83 references appears at the end of Dr. When the animal collapses, overcome by the smoke in the atmosphere, those present must stop smoking, for fear of an intoxication which is reputed to be fatal.

In French North Africa, the task is more complicated. Tunisian hashish addicts have told Dr.

Cannabis (concluded)

Charas is not prepared in Drivs it comes from Central Asia. The practice of taking hemp to induce a special form of intoxication appears to have originated in India. It is therefore normal to start with that part of the world when studying such practices.

Nevertheless large quantities of hashish of Syrio-Lebanese origin were seized in Egypt inand A thick and sometimes multicoloured mist seems to envelop everything, making the horizons recede, rendering out-lines indistinct and blurring and idealizing shapes.

On awakening, the addict shows marked symptoms of mental and physical debility. The visual hallucinations caused by hashish intoxication among North Africans frequently consist of gay, lively and vividly coloured Lilliputian elves Dr. If they are arrested, they always deny that they are traffickers, confessing on the other hand that they are addicts. In all cases, however, an exaltation in varying degrees of the individual’s most common thoughts may be noted, that is, his subconscious leanings are revealed.


This is very rarely mentioned in records of hashish intoxication among Europeans. Extraordinary conversations take place, giving rise to the most extravagant misunderstandings, which are greeted with new bursts of wild laughter.

UNODC – Bulletin on Narcotics – Issue 1 –

Its use in this case does not cause any physical or moral disorder. If the dose is a large one, the symptoms of both periods may occur simultaneously. That cannot be determined. Weakening of the power of control. Moreover, the laboratory tests so far carried out do not reveal any special signs pointing to cannabis addiction.

Bulgaria introduction in toprohibition inRomania prohibition inYugoslavia introduction aboutprohibition inand Albania. He considers himself superior to all other human beings. The agricultural workers, finding their physical strength and virility decreasing, in their ignorance sought a stimulant in order to recover their lost vigour “which forms part of their code of honour”. The motives are practically the same as in India, except for the desire to intensify religious mysticism.

Pascal [ 39 ] explains this persistence of the memory by assuming that hashish intoxication does not completely inhibit normal consciousness; the subconscious divagations are usuellss, and can be remembered after the crisis. Hemp by itself has no such properties.

Unless he is fortunate enough to have parents in a position to assist in providing for his needs he sinks to the lowest depths. The problem should, nevertheless, be examined more closely; and the trade in cannabis in its natural state, and that in its resin charas, hashish, chira should be studied separately.

The subject feels himself to drivex strong, agile, elegant, and capable of extraordinary feats of prowess.