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I remember the last meeting at the hospital. We researched each who we are, what we do. Dumjtru Dumitru meet at least three conditions which the Church requires a dogmatoca Because theologized and another one is philosophizing about faith. On the poetry of his daughter, commenting it, he built an entire theology that only a father could love so much spirit enters develop.

A fourth lesson has not been permitted. Race was overlaid with a black balonzaid pretty old hat to wear wide-brimmed known and carrying a small briefcase in hand the old model.

He seemed like a man du,itru sees the work, placing the next stone lifting stone thoroughly solid construction. Present discreetly in a corner, it warms the place. Father was already on the threshold into another world.

Who knew him knew her father and mother necessarily priestess. To these were added a lot of smaller signs, which no longer show now, but that are proven. It was prayer and then we sat. It was already night when beginning lessons in taking part in around ten people.


An angel has watched him constantly father. Make it to be, as it was Father, for all the same and each in a certain way, personally, it is only the great Fathers who reached spiritual likeness of God.

dumitru staniloae teologia dogmatica ortodoxa vol i [carteromaneasca.wordpress.com]

Then the phone rings constantly in Bucharest, the country abroad. Holy Father always xogmatica last is the most important, most profound. I remember how I went one evening after Father from tram to college. He sparks watchful guarding the lamp reproductions of icons pasted on tiles: Time we are with our witness.

Dumitru Staniloae – Dictionarul Teologilor Romani

Each of those who have been there is of course a precious memory of last meeting. The repertoire is not too wide, the joy of birth is but meet together great. He took off his hat and put together, but not undress, because it was cold and moisture. We bear witness to him and to God we are obliged to do. These were the last words between us.

Some went only once … Others have become something of a household and went there several times a week. Who would be a fool to say that St. Main Menu Main Menu. To work for nothing better than sitting in vain.


It will take years, it will take ages it will be one that will be ten, God knows! In such moments, it is a great saving. To get here is something unimaginably easy. In the end he sat. For those who step often threshold, he was not only the great theologian, only the priest who take their full seriously grace, and father, the man you embrace who you listen question or trouble, he advised and I cheer at the chest which could find shelter.

We have, of course, and now mystically with us as a saint, to shield us with his prayers. And how is this going consoling and comforting. With unwavering patience, Father raises traditionally receiver dozen times, answering greetings and wishes. Sometimes the Holy Mary, Mother priestess. We do not saints, but only their work with God. We had great mercy of God as Father Dumitru to be contemporary and to occasionally sit around.