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Hydrophobic Dynasylan® diaminofunctional silane is used in adhesives and sealants, and in coatings, to improve the adhesion of amino-reactive resins. Dynasylan® diaminofunctional silane used in coatings, adhesives, & sealants to improve the adhesion of amino-reactive resins. – The Cary Company!. Hydrophobic Dynasylan® diaminofunctional silane is used in adhesives and sealants, and in coatings, to improve the adhesion of amino-reactive resin.

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EP-A describes the use of a condensation product of functional oligosiloxanes as primers for the adhesion buildup for example of polyurethane-based adhesive substances and sealing substances on substrates.

For example, all additives are basically suitable for the polymer component as well as for the silicone component comprising the at least one oligomeric siloxane and the at least one functionalized oligodimethylsiloxane, that can be added as hardener component. Furthermore, the following is true: Vinylmethylmethoxysilyl- terminated Functionalized poly dimethylsiloxane dynxsylan, Functional oligodimethyl- Ex.

The one- or two-component silicone dynashlan according to claim 1wherein the oligomeric siloxane is contained in a one-component silicone formulation in an amount of 0. Examples for suitable fillers are inorganic or organic fillers such as natural, ground or precipitated calcium carbonates, that are optionally coated with fatty acids, for example, stearic acid, calcined caolines, aluminum oxides, aluminum hydroxides, silicic acids, for example, highly dispersed silicic acids from pyrolysis processes, carbon black, for example, industrially produced carbon black, aluminum silicates, magnesium-aluminum silicates, circle dynasylann silicates, quartz 11446, cristobalite meal, diatomaceous earth, mica, iron oxides, titanium oxides, zirconium oxides, gypsum, annaline, barium sulfate, boron carbide, boron nitride, graphite, carbon fibers, zeolites, glass fibers or hollow glass spheres, whose surface is optionally treated with a hydrophobic agent.

EP-A describes the usage of amino-functional oligosiloxanes as adhesion promoters in adhesive masses and sealing masses based on organopolysiloxanes and silane cross-linkers. The viscosities indicated dynasylam and in the following can be determined in accordance with DIN The functionalizing residue comprises as functionalization one or more residues, e.

Dynaasylan already explained, the structure of the oligomers formed can be complicated. Examples are cited in the following. The one-or two-component silicone formulation furthermore comprises one or more oligomeric siloxanes as cross-linkers for the polyorganosiloxane, wherein the cynasylan siloxane is a condensation product of monomeric silane cross-linkers.

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The problem is therefore addressed, for example, by a one- or two-component silicone formulation that comprises a at least one cross-linkable polydiorganosiloxane, b at least one oligomeric siloxane as cross-linker for the polydiorganosiloxane, wherein the oligomeric siloxane is a condensation product of monomeric silane cross-linkers, and c at least one functionalized oligodimethylsiloxane.

It is understandable that the degree of condensation, for example, in the case of rather high degrees of condensation, is frequently dynazylan an average value. The one- or two-component silicone formulation therefore furthermore comprises a functionalized oligodimethylsiloxane. These oligomeric siloxanes cannot be mixed or only poorly mixed with traditional polydiorganosiloxanes, for example polydimethylsiloxanes.

The degree of condensation of the oligomeric siloxane, that is, the number of the monomeric silane cross-linkers condensed with each other, can vary in wide ranges according to the intended use but can be, e.

The functionalized oligodimethylsiloxane is present, for example, in the same component as the oligomeric siloxane. It can be advantageous to use dynssylan mixture of different fillers.

Monomeric silane cross-linkers can have, e. Those cases are exemplary in which an alkyl residue of dialkylketoxime stands for a methyl residue and the other alkyl residue of the dialkylketoxime dynssylan a methyl- ethyl- n-propyl- or for an iso-butyl residue. The silicone formulation can dynasylam comprise one or more fillers with which, e.

A one- or two-component silicone formulation, comprising: The number of functional residues in the oligomer can vary according to the degree of condensation, the type of condensation and the monomeric silane cross-linkers used but is at least 2, e. Examples for the dynawylan residues are mercapto, glycidoxy, amino e. In order to determine the pot life the example components were intimately mixed in a weight ratio of 1: Curable polymer composition and method for preparing curable polymer composition.

The two alkyl residues of the dialkylketoxime residues can stand independently of one another for methyl- ethyl- n-propyl- iso-propyl- n-butyl- or iso-butyl residues. Exemplary alkoxy residues are C 1 -C 5 -alkoxy residues and dynssylan, ethoxy and propoxy are exemplary. R 1 is independently of each other a functionalizing residue selected from a residue with the formula 1 R F -alkyl- the formula 2 R F -alkyl-Si R S 2 —O—, the formula 3 aminoalkylaminoalkyl, or the formula 4 aminoalkylaminoalkylaminoalkyl, wherein in the formulas 1 to 4R F is selected from mercapto, glycidoxy, amino, amido, methacrylato, carbamato, isocyanato or polyalkylene glycol; and R S is independently of each other C 1 -C 4 -alkyl or C 1 -C 4 -alkoxy.


Self-adhering polyorganosiloxane elastomer compositions and method for preparing same. ydnasylan

USA1 – Silicone formulation with improved storage stability – Google Patents

The entire contents of these applications are hereby incorporated by reference in their entireties. This took place by a careful drawing of the adhesive and by placing a cut vertically to the direction of drawing up to the clean base.

Phase separations in the examples were visually observed. These problems can be mitigated or avoided according to the disclosure if molecules are added whose chemical structure is between those of the cited oligomeric siloxanes and those of the polydiorganosiloxanes, for example, of the polydimethylsiloxanes. The oligomeric siloxane as cross-linker is a condensation product of one or more such monomeric silane rynasylan.

According to another aspect, a silicone component is provided, comprising:. The formulation of moisture-hardening RTV silicones that contain functional silanes, for example, tri- and tetra-functional silanes as cross-linkers is used. EP-A refers to the production of aqueous silane polymers in which the functional silanes are used dyasylan stabilizers.

The one- or two-component silicone formulation according to claim 1wherein the polydiorganosiloxane is dynasjlan hydroxy-terminated polydimethylsiloxane.

US20150267094A1 – Silicone formulation with improved storage stability – Google Patents

For example, a first condensation of two tetramethoxysilane molecules results in a dimer that contains six functional residues; the linking is formed from a functional residue of each molecule by condensation.

Are you a distributor who is interested in being listed here? The evaluation of the adhesive properties takes place by estimating the cohesive amount of the adhesion surface:. Certain hydrocarbons can also be added as softeners. Thermoconductive filler, thermocoductive silicone elastomer composition, and semiconductor devices. Dynayslan silicones can be formed as one- or two-component silicone formulations and contain as main components a polyorganosiloxane and a cross-linker.