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Fork of openwrt with vendor specific changes from open sourced firmware – Quallenauge/EasyboxXDSL. Der Status wird so in der Admin-Übersicht gezeigt: The status is shown in the admin overview: ” DSL Status: UP Line State: showtime_tc_sync. Easybox Hi there. Since we lost EasyboxXDSL – Fork of openwrt with vendor specific changes from open sourced firmware

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If not, you end up in a bootloop, which then also has to be resolved via the fullimage. Additionally, there’s also information on my github. I also found the source code from Astoria for LTE.

Easybox xDSL | Eckdaten VDSL-Routers im Überblick

I found a similar post on forum: I get a bootloop I tried different versions and saw that it works with the build Meanwhile i bought a serial adapter and deboxed the LTE. OK please input password: My next Italien vacation is in August. And I think this could help others who also got stuck with an LTE box. The newer snapshots with squashfs. I tried to flash that fullimage. So i will inform you, if that worked in Italy with no roaming.


I welcome everyone which contributed with cool topic responses to join here and continue. Open-WRT is working on that box. I know older versions that one wit uLibC worked, but I didn’t check, if hostapd was running that time.

Vodafone EasyBox 904 xDSL Router

I have only access to the xdsl variant, but I’d assume both use a different hwid and dts. I hope work on the EB can continue, I still would love to see it working in a non-experimental way.

Do you have a pointer to OpenWrt -like source for it? Hi slh, thank you for your help! Could it be that i bricked my LTE box somehow?

I’m sorry, that’s all the information I could restore. Pagination that does not break old links is tricky due to missing posts. This is the original manufacturer’s firmware, no? I have an italien SIM Provider: But I am quite stuck right now: Actually we’re missing the changed bootanimation – any hints about? Can you give me a hint, what i do wrong?

Thank you for your help. Tpo -c -o clean-temp. BTW, nice to see you here, QAuge. I’m happy that you got your box back into working state I would disagree that it was “bricked” in the first placeand I can share your joy about that.


There has been quite a lot of development on luci over the last few weeks, some of those changes also caused short term regressions which have mostly been fixed already – but the 27th was right around the time easybo multiple things weren’t working properly in luci.

The box restarts, 094 i don’t get it to UART mode. That was due to a completely different reason: I used these explanations: Everytime i do a sysupgrade via Luci i get a bootloop. But i get a permanent boot loop.

Internal phy GE firmware version: Now i have a very strange problem with my lte box. So I will share my experiences: Any idea what has changed? I did an upgrade to 3.

Bad block at 0x In: But when i tried to compile it, i got an error: It is at a different position on the LTE board. After my vacation I was able to use my flat in Germany via roaming in my Smartphone.

Tpo -c -o c-stack. Can you help me crafting my own LTE firmware with xdsl headers?