EC COMPUTER NETWORKS ANNA UNIVERSITY PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPER, IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, 2 MARKS AND 16 MARKS. Download ECcomputer networks question bank B.E electronics and communication engineering regulation. computer networks. PART-A(10 × 2 = 20). (Answer all the Questions). 1. Define a computer network. 2 . What is the similarity between transport layer and data link layer? 3. Define.

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Finally to discuss about digital transmission and its associated parameters on system compter. Varanesic and Safat G.

PC based session 1. Writing formal letters, quotations, clarification, complaint — Letter seeking permission for Industrial visits— Writing analytical paragraphs on different debatable issues.

Poole and Frank J. Plotting of drawings must be made for each exercise and attached questiln the records written by students. To learn the architecture, programming, interfacing and rudiments of system design of microprocessors and microcontrollers.

Electricity Extra Resources and Ideas. Students prepare their own resume and report. Evans and William M. PLL characteristics and its use as Frequency Multiplier.


Scattering matrix -Concept of N port scattering matrix representationProperties of S matrix- S matrix formulation of two-port junction. To ban statistical modeling of telephone traffic.

Vector potential, Solution of wave equation, retarded case, Hertizian dipole. Design issues, goals and classification. Load test on three phase induction motor. Verification of superposition Theorem 4. Veerarjan, T and Ramachandran, T. Conduct metric titration Simple acid base 2.


Phase shift and Wien bridge oscillators using op-amp.

Students make presentations on given topics. Sam shanmugam, Theodore s.

Simulation of Experiments 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 using PSpice netlists. Behaviour of the Characteristic impedance. Exercises combining sentences using cause and effect expressions — Gap filling exercises quesstion the appropriate tense qusetion — Making sentences using different grammatical forms of the same word. Microwave junctions Tee junctions -Magic Tee – Rat race – Corners – bends and twists – Directional couplers two hole directional couplers- Ferrites – important microwave properties and applications — Termination – Gyrator- Isolator-Circulator – Attenuator – Phase changer — S Matrix for microwave components — Cylindrical cavity resonators.

Similar exercises for the career lab are to be compiled in the record notebook.

Anna University 6th Semester ECE Notes

Teacher — Console and systems for students 2. Broadband amplifiers, High power amplifiers and multistage amplifiers. Design of Wireless data modem. Reading comprehension exercises with critical questions, Multiple choice question. He should be able to understand the laws of motion, the kinematics of motion and the interrelationship. These have to be carried out using atleast 0. Face to Face Conversation — Telephone conversation — Role play activities Students take on roles and engage in conversation B.

Reading comprehension exercises with questions on overall content — Discussions analyzing stylistic features creative and factual description – Reading comprehension exercises with texts including graphic communication – Exercises in interpreting non-verbal communication.


Characteristics of PN and Zener diode 7.

Magnetic flux density — The Lorentz force equation for a moving charge and applications — Force on a wire carrying a current I placed in a magnetic field — Torque on a loop carrying a current I — Magnetic moment — Magnetic Vector Potential. To introduce the need for network synchronization and study synchronization issues.

EC computer networks question bank | ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION PAPERS

Generation of Signals 2. Drawing front view, top view and side view of objects from the given pictorial views eg. List of Equipments for a batch of 30 students: To make the students to know about the various modulation techniques, propagation methods, coding and multi access techniques used banl the mobile communication.

To expose the students to the basic operation of electrical machines and help them to develop experimental skills.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Drawing of front view and top view of simple solids like prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone, etc, and dimensioning. Measurement of Connector and Bending Losses. Design and implementation of code converters using logic gates bak BCD to excess-3 code and vice versa ii Binary to gray and vice-versa 3. Pulse Code Modulation 5.

D and Heaton, J.