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Videos About This Book. He lamented the fact that it was translated from English instead of directly from Finnish, and exclaimed: A Swiss researcher complained that a sand flea species mentioned didn’t exist in Africa until it migrated via slave ships.


walari The geopolitical situation of the Middle East, as depicted by the novel, is thought to represent the second world war. He sails to Thebes and opens a clinic for the poor in the same neighborhood in which he grew up.

For other uses, see Egyptian disambiguation. I do not write it to the glory of the gods in the land of Kem, for I am weary of gods, nor to the glory of the Pharaohs, for I walyari weary of their deeds.

According to Akhenaten’s doctrine, all people are equal, and in the new world order there no longer would be slaves and masters. One day, during an Egyptian military operation in Syria, he encounters childhood friend Horemheb, serving as a military commander. Waltari was able to develop a rhythmically wavy, but simultaneously picture-rich narrative style.

Well educated, he sets up a clinic and acquires the sly and eloquent slave Kaptah, who will be his companion and close friend throughout his life. His tone expresses cynicism, bitterness and disappointment, and he says he’s writing down his story for therapeutic reasons alone and for something to do in the rugged and desolate desert landscape.


The similarity between ancient and modern times supports the themes of changelessness, and is in an “effective” tension with the archaic-style language. He wrote at least 29 novels, 15 novellas, 6 collections of stories or fairy-tales, 6 collections of poetry and 26 mija, as well as screenplays, radioplays, non-fiction, translations, fgipteanul hundreds of reviews and articles. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The portrayal of Egipreanulas a doctrine advocating peace and equality, can be seen as an allegory of the attempted rise of an early form of Christianity.

As my daughter says, “Meh. Retrieved 11 November He became a member of the Finnish Academy in and received an honorary doctorate at the University of Turku in Historical Horemheb died childless.

The novel is known for its high-level historical accuracy of the life and culture of the period depicted. The rest of the time he seems to be spying on other countries for the Egyptian pharaoh, but it’s not clear egitpeanul he’d want to do that. Aten’s kingdom on Earth begins to fall, and the courtiers, one after another, abandon Akhenaten and Akhetaten in favor of Amon and Thebes. His adoptive father Senmut is a doctor, and Sinuhe decides to walk in his footsteps.

Osa II ei spoilereita 2 15 Jul 04, Man is a crooked dealer and even his virtue is imperfect. The character of Sinuhe makes no appearance in this play. He notices, however, that the Egyptian sovereignty in the area has now begun to be questioned and threatened. When defeat has become reality, Akhenaten dies after having drunk a cup of poison mixed by the embittered Sinuhe. Soon after its release in the USAit was selected book of the month in Septemberand then entered the bestseller lists in Octoberwhere it remained the unparalleled two years egipteanlu copies were sold in that time.


To je asi tak vse co si z toho pamatuji.

Egipteanul by Mika Waltari (2 star ratings)

While studying, he contributed to various magazines and wrote poetry and stories, getting his first book published in It was first published in Finnish inand in an abridged English translation by Naomi Walford infrom Swedish rather than Finnish.

He does not get rich in this, but instead is driven by ideological motives. Hardcoverpages. Envall brings up the “familiarity” of the depiction of 14th-century BC Egypt as highly developed: While the last pages pick up speed, the beginning is too slow, and I couldn’t ebipteanul get into it.

I write neither from fear nor from any hope of the future but for myself alone. But the book opens one’s eyes to an ancient world, nearer to ours than we think. He repeated the same story four decades later in Kirjailijan muistelmia.