This book originated from a series of papers which were published in “Die Naturwissenschaften” in Its division into three parts is the reflection of a . It is suggested that the concept of a hypercycle should be formally M. Eigen. Naturwissenschaften, 58 (), p. Eigen et al., “more RNA in replicators”. BOTH. FIRST more replicators: ecosystem based solution. Hypercycles (Eigen’s original solution). Emergence of higher levels of.

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The hypercycle. A principle of natural self-organization. Part A: Emergence of the hypercycle.

Hypercycle theory proposed that hypercycles are not the final state of organization, and further development of more complicated systems is possible by enveloping the hypercycle in some kind of membrane. A hypercycle with translation consists of polynucleotides I i hypercylce concentration x i and polypeptides E i with concentration y i.

When one hypercycle wins the selection and dominates the population, it is very difficult to replace it, even with a hypercycle with a much higher growth rate q. In a system that is deprived of high-fidelity replicases and error-correction mechanismsmutations occur with a high probability.

Partial RNA polymerase ribozyme is designed via directed evolution [18]. It was suggested that the problem with building and maintaining larger, more complex, and more accurately replicated molecules can be circumvented if several information carriers, each of them storing a small piece of information, are connected such that they only control their own concentration.

The self-replicating sequences I form eiben cycle consisting of positive and negative strands that periodically reproduce themselves. Vasil’ev [2], who modeled a hypercycles competition in coacervate-type compartments.

For effective competition, the different hypercycles should be placed in separate compartments. The cyclic organization of the hypercycle ensures its structure stability.


However, it was recently shown that those limitations could in principle be overcome by the assembly of active polymerase ribozymes from several short RNA strands. The resultant system is a new level of self-organization that incorporates both cooperation and selfishness. When a eigsn of replicating molecules was created, [1] [2] hypercyclf was found that, for effective storage of informationmacromolecules on prebiotic Earth could not exceed a certain threshold length.

Eigen and Schuster extend the hypercycle concept, propose a hypercycle theory and introduce the concept of quasispecies [2].

Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine. At the time of the hypercycle theory formulation, ribozymes were not known.

The hypercycle. A principle of natural self-organization. Part A: Emergence of the hypercycle.

Spiral Waves as a Substrate for Prebiotic Evolution”. Carsten Bresch and coworkers raised an objection that hypercyclic organization is not necessary if compartments are taken into account. Using these assumptions, we obtain eigeh following equations: Journal of Molecular Evolution. According to the definition of a hypercycle, it is a hyppercycle, dynamic system, and, in the simplest case, it can be assumed that it grows at a rate determined by a system of quadratic differential equations.

The scheme is basically as follows: During their research, Eigen and Schuster also considered types of protein and nucleotide coupling other than hypercycles. Advances in Complex Systems. Hypercycle elements should be simultaneously catalysts enzymes and replicators. Pages with timeline metadata. The information carrier I i a RNA matrix has the capability to instruct two things: It is more plausible that ligation of smaller RNA chains yhpercycle by the first RNA ligases resulted in a longer chain with the desired catalytically active polymerase domain.

However, complex hypercycles only exist as computer simulations. The extinction of the hypercycle then follows.


Journal of Mathematical Biology. As a consequence, the information stored in a sequence can be lost due to the rapid accumulation of errors, a so-called error catastrophe. At the same time, harmful mutations cannot pollute the entire system if they are enclosed by the membrane. According to the above model, in the initial phase, when several hypercycles exist, the selection of the hypercycle with the largest q l value takes place. A bioinformatic approach to the origin of life”.

Compartmentalization provides some advantages for a system that has already established a linkage between units. Personal tools Log in Request account.

Hypercycle (chemistry) – Wikipedia

From the mathematical point of view, it is possible to find conditions required for cooperation of several hypercycles. Unfortunately, in this case, rotation decelerates as the number of hypercycle members increases, meaning that selection tends toward decreasing the amount of information stored in the hypercycle.

For example, a mutant generated by ribozyme I 2 can still be catalyzed by the enzymes produced by I 1 but not longer be capable of catalyzing replication of the information carrier I 3 see figure beside.

This, first, makes the system resistant to so-called parasitic branches.


The reproduction is possible thanks to translation and polymerization functions encoded in I chains. Secondly, it keeps the effect of mutations local, while at the same time affecting the whole compartment. Without compartments, genome integration would boost competition by limiting space and resources.

Emergence of the hypercycle”. The Stochastic Corrector Model vs. The hypercycle is a self-reproducing macromolecular system, in which RNAs and enzymes cooperate in the following manner Fig.