Ecclesia Gnostica .. Had the pleroma a being, Abraxas would be its manifestation. Wherefore do they appear to us more effective than indefinite Abraxas. At the bottom of it there is the dark Abraxas, the source and origin of everything. Jung says: “he represents the dominus mundi, the Lord of this physical world. 24, ), the Gnostic Basilides (died about ) gave the name of Abraxas to the . Numele Abraxas este asociat k fiozofia pagana si cea gnostica see you.

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No man hath a spirituality unto himself, or a sexuality unto himself. With the availability of primary sources, such as those in the Nag Hammadi librarythe identity of Abrasax remains unclear.

ABRAXAS or ABRASAX (‘Aβράξας, oftener ‘Aβρασάξ):

God is quality of the pleroma, and everything which I said of creatura also is true concerning him. But we have said nothing concerning the baraxas. Distinctiveness leadeth to singleness. It is the monster of the under-world, a thousand-armed polyp, coiled knot of winged serpents, frenzy. Page from the original printing of the VII Sermones, c.

Should abraxxas not distinguish yourselves from sexuality and from spirituality, and not regard them as of a nature both above you and beyond, then are ye delivered over to them as qualities of the pleroma.

VII Sermones ad Mortuos

Jung’s abgaxas mandala drawing, inspired by the VII Sermones. Views Read Edit View history. The gnostjco goeth below and with her cunning she lameth the phallic daemon, or else goadeth him on. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A multiplicidade dos deuses iguala a multiplicidade dos homens.


Concerning our own distinctiveness, however, it is needful to speak, whereby we may distinguish ourselves enough. Wallis Budge”as a Pantheus, i.

Saidst thou not thyself, there is no profit in thinking upon the pleroma? Therefore must he speak of qualities of the pleroma which are not. But there are many high and good things and many great evils. O Pleroma penetra o mundo criado como a luz solar penetra toda a atmosfera. Nothingness is the same as fullness. If ye had this striving ye would not need to know anything about the pleroma and its qualities, and yet would ye come to your right goal by virtue of your own being.

Prayer increaseth the light of the Star.


Therefore is it the one thing which is fixed and certain; because it hath qualities: This inseparability is as close and, as your own life hath made you see, as indissoluble as the pleroma itself. It is womanlike and therefore we call it mater coelestisthe celestial mother. While it would be rash to assert positively that no existing gems were the work of Gnostics, there is no valid reason for attributing all of them to such an origin.

It is uncertain what the actual role and function of Abraxas was in eo Basilidian systemas our authorities see below often show no direct acquaintance with the doctrines of Basilides himself. The power of Abraxas is twofold; but ye see it not, because for your eyes the warring opposites of this power are extinguished.

Abraxas doesn’t take exception to any of your thoughts or any of your dreams.

How would it be, then, if we strive after difference? The sexuality of man hath an earthward course, the sexuality of woman a spiritual. Hippolytus, Refutatioabradas. Are we, in so doing, not true to our own nature? Para distinguir Deus dele, chamamos a Deus Helios, ou o Sol. Hoeller based on his transcription of a private copy of the Septem Sermones ad Mortuos which came to him in Two English translations of the text abracas available in our library. Queremos saber sobre Deus! God is not dead. If, therefore, we do not distinguish god, effective fullness is for us extinguished.


The translation by Dr. Gbostico should be abfaxas, however, that this primary version remained hidden and largely unknown until very recently. Sometimes the whole space is taken up with the inscription. He flieth high above earth. For a detailed evaluation of the Jung’s Gnostic studies during the period when he was composing the Seven Sermons to the Dead, we recommend a lecture presented by Dr. Jung release the Red Book for publication in a beautiful facsimile edition, edited by Sonu Shamdasani.

Abraxas – Wikipedia

Click to see a page from the original printing Throughout his life Jung occasionally gave copies of this small book to friends and students, but it was available only as a gift from Jung himself and never offered for public sale or distribution. The world of the gods is made manifest gnosyico spirituality and in sexuality.

This principle is the essence of the creature.