This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the ES-1 from Korg. View and Download Korg ES-1 owner’s manual online. Korg Rhythm Production Sampler Owner’s Manual. ES-1 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. View and Download Korg ES-1 service manual online. ES-1 Recording Equipment pdf manual download.

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Korg ES-1 Service Manual

Resampling from the middle of a pattern or song 1. While the pattern is playing, press the Tap key three times or more eleectribe the desired tempo.

Enter text from picture: Unlike a motion sequence for a part, the move- ments of two knobs, Delay Depth and Delay Time, can be re- corded simultaneously. Playing A Delay Motion Sequence 5. Erasing rhythm pattern data from a part To erase the rhythm pattern data for the selected part, you can use one of the following two methods in addition to turning The ES-1 lets you create and save up to samples monau- ral, 50 stereoas long as the maximum sampling area of 95 seconds is not exceeded.

Recording performances or knob movements into a song Event Recording In addition to putting patterns together to create a song, Song mode also allows you to realtime-record knob movements and your performances on the part keys. If a pattern or song is playing back, sampling will begin immediately.


The file could not be loaded or played from the SmartMedia. Error Messages The file could not be loaded or played from the SmartMedia. Editing motion sequence data You can edit the motion sequence of each part or the effect mo- mnaual sequence.

Effect Section Effect section 1. Appendices 26, vv] control change 06 and 38 mm, vv: The delay effect of the ES-1 is a “cross-feedback delay. This allows sample sounds processed by effects and delay to be used as a new sample, letting you create samples that have even greater tonal variation. Modifying editing The Sound 3.

Setting The Length Setting the Length 1. Sample mode Slice Slice is a function that can be used to cut up a phrase into smaller elements so you can: Pattern mode Pattern Set Pattern Set is a function that lets you assign your favorite pat- terns to each of the sixteen step keys, and switch them at the touch of a key.

Pattern mode Data Copy within a pattern Phrase pattern data including motion sequence data that you create for a pattern of length 1 can be copied to the steps of lengths Sample mode Deleting a sample Delete Sample This function completely deletes a sample from memory.


In addition to pattern playback, songs can also record rhythms and knob movements. You can assign sampled sounds to parts, use the panel knobs and keys to process the sound intuitively, and use these sounds to easily create rhythm patterns. Elecctribe Section ES-1 data. The result will differ depending on the type of effect. Step Key Section By holding down this key and pressing one of the step keys, you epectribe switch to the pattern that you registered for that electtribe.


Table Of Contents About the Resample function Editing A Song 6. You can also add knob movements or your own per- formance to a song. Page 18 – Modifying editing a rhythm pattern Page 19 – Using the part keys to edit the rhythm While a song or pattern is playing, press the Tap key three times or more at the desired tempo. Deleting A Sample 4. Use the knobs and keys of the Part Edit section to edit the sound. Data Copy Within A Pattern 5.

Creating A Pattern Either way, the ES-1 makes it easy for you to create your own original rhythm patterns. Slice slice sample part key This key selects the Slice Sample part. Audio In audio in part key This key selects the Audio In part.

The data can be edited in units of individual steps.

Part Select Section 2.