Methods. Eleutherine palmifolia bulb was extracted with ethanol. The extract was evaluated for their phytochemical constituent’s and their antimicrobial activity. Methods Eleutherine palmifolia bulb was extracted with ethanol. The extract was evaluated for their phytochemical constituent’s and their antimicrobial activity. Abstract. Dayak onions (Eleutherine Palmifolia (L.) Merr.) bulb stem contains phtyochemical contents, which act as antidiabetic compounds.

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These findings were summarised in Table 3. Abstract Antibacterial activity of indigenous Dayak onion Eleutherine palmifolia L. The highest inhibition activity was observed from a compound with R f eleuhherine 0.

Triterpenoid as an antibacterial reacts with the porin palmifolka protein in the outer membrane of the bacterial cell wall and forms a strong polymer bond resulting in the destruction of the porine. Probably, the extracted bioactive compounds affect bacterial cell walls which are known to have two solubility properties: The leaves are crushed with other ingredients spiked drunk to women childbirth.

The whole plant of Dayak onion was washed thoroughly with tap water. Open in a separate window. Assignment of Antibacterial Compounds Based on the bacterial inhibition assay, it was found that ethyl acetate extract has the highest inhibition activity against B.

Based on the each extraction results was obtained yields of as 8. Palmifokia products as antimicrobial agents.

The dried slices were grounded to produce a fine powder with the aim of expanding the surface for the extraction process to occur effectively. Due to disruption of the permeability, the cell cannot perform life activities so that its growth is hampered or even dead Ajizah Then, the diameter of the inhibition zone was measured to the nearest millimeter elrutherine.

Support Center Support Center. The extract was eluted with chloroform, and the elution profile was detected under UV light nm and nm. Extraction of Antibacterial Compounds Extraction of antibacterial compounds was carried out by modifying procedure reported by Ahmad and Eleytherine The present study aims to determine the effect of blood glucose reduction from bulbs of Bawang Dayak based on the use of different extraction methods using oral glucose tolerance test. Screening test phytochemicals and antibacterial effects of ethanol extracts of onion bulbs sabrang Eleutherine palmifolia Merr.


Tubers roasted or boiled water that is used as remedy for jaundice and sexually transmitted diseases. Specific features of this plant are bright red root crops with a very smooth surface. ArticleView Abstract Pharmacognosy Journal,10, 1, Merr is a special crop Central Kalimantan. This might indicate that the compounds with R f values of 0. The palmifo,ia activity was calculated by the equation Ashshobirin et al. Dried sample was extracted with methanol using maceration, reflux, and Soxhlet method, respectively.

The higher concentration used gave higher inhibition activity. Alkaloids are organic compounds that contain nitrogen as part of a heterocyclic. Antioxidant capacity of bawang Dayak Eleutherine palmifolia in fresh, simplisia and chips from on nonpolar, semipolar and polar solvents.

Each extract was tested its antibacterial activity towards methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSABacillus cereusShigella sp.

MRSA bacteria showed significant differences in inhibition activity with other bacteria.

Bawang Dayak Eleutherine Palmifolia 100g

The authors would like to express gratitude to the Department of Development and Empowerment of Human Resources from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, who has provided the financial support to this research. Resistance test of methanol palmifoila of Selaginella delicatula and Diplazium Dilalatum against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli bacteria.

Bioautography results showed that all four spots have antibacterial activity against B. The leaves are of two kinds, namely the perfect tape-shaped with pointy end of it, while others shaped leaves resemble sticks. Merr in inhibiting of Salmonella typhi. Cells become brittle and lysis, eventually Ahmed Extraction of Antibacterial Compound The fresh bulb of onion was sliced and dried to reduce water content. High only reached 26 to 50 cm. Increasing the concentrations of all extract was directly correlated with the increasing inhibition activities.


Primigravida Readiness in Facing Childbirth | Rianti | Health Notions

Dayak are empirically onion local community as a drug used various kinds of diseases such as breast cancer, high blood pressure-lowering medication hypertensiondiabetes diabetes mellituslowering cholesterol, medication ulcers, colon cancer and stroke prevention.

Selection of different polarity of solvents is expected to obtain the best solvent for the extraction of antibacterial compounds from the Dayak onion. Isolation and characterization of some bacteria antagonistic to plant pathogenic fungi. Each extract was qualitatively screened to identify the presence of various active compounds like flavonoid, alkaloid, saponin, triterpenoid, steroid and tannin. Fruit ellipsoid with its box-shaped recessed the end of it.

Besides being used as a medicinal plant crops can also be used as an ornamental plant because of beautiful flowers with alluring white color. The conclusion of this study is that education, knowledge, husband support and anxiety are factors related to primigravida readiness in facing childbirth in Jagakarsa public health center, South Jakarta.

It could be seen that the extract contained four types of active compounds with R f values of 0. Sensitivity of Salmonella typhimurium against Psidium guajava L.

Antimicrobial activity of Dayak onion has also been reported.