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The GIOTTO series surface wall-mounted monitor in ABS is supplied with a fixing bracket with terminal Elvox Two-Wire audio/video door entry systems. CN1). Connector for electronic unit. CN2). Connector for programmer type C. B2). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). B1). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). EXT+). External. Elvox Sound System Installation and Technical information 5 12 GIOTTO AND SERIES MONITORS ® GIOTTO SERIES MONITORS.

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For this purpose, special brackets are used for holding back-box in position.

Wiring diagram for relay epvox R for switching on the auxiliary viewing series illumination bulb Wiring diagram for self-start of monitor. Wiring diagram of additional electronic ringtone type A.

Electronic ringtone type A features a two or three-note ringtone which is selected by connection to the corresponding terminal 7 or 8. Due to continuous product improvement, all colors, sizes, materials, finishes, model numbers and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Ground for terminals V1, Elvlx, V3.


To call the switchboard from the interphones or monitors, lift the interphone and press the push-button. The device is also equipped with two LEDsone for indicating that the ringtone is OFF red indicator and one for indicating that the lock is open green indicator ; the use of elbox two devices requires additional connections to be made, as shown rlvox the wiring diagrams on the next page.

The Galileo panels come in stainless, brown or off white enamel finishes. Power supply type CN1 Interphone type 2 4 N.

Single residence video door entry system with entrance panel with letter box for kit type P P2 – P3 Priority 1st entrance panel – Priority 2nd entrance panel If the jumper is removed, the corresponding entrance panel loses the priority an entrance panel with priority cuts off communication with 63300 entrance panel without priority.


The card can be used in all audio and video systems with Sound System call and AC call, but not for intercommunicating systems with audio door entry slvox.

Product is according to CE mark and directives: The power supply can power a total of up to 30 LEDs simultaneously.

Elvox 4″ Video Monitor DISCONTINUED

To do this, consult the variations on the standard wiring diagram relating to the various components of the system, on pages 80 to H D push-button ” “: Hook the interphone onto the top screw using the appropriate hole in the back, by placing it close to the wall and then pulling downwards Complete mounting by screwing the bottom screw B into the appropriate hole. Wiring diagram for additional button for auxiliary services Please contact our sales team for further information.

For Sound System without call repeater, only the A sounds in night service. Can e,vox connected to a maximum of 1 interphone in parallel to a monitor. The monitor is designed 600 be paired with the Petrarca levox where intercommunication or additional functions are required. Additional entrance panels elvoxx a single row of buttons. The latter are connected differently only if the external telephone line is used. The switching module is suitable for operation with more than one speech unit and can be connected in series with other switching modules: Connect then the first three terminal blocks terminal 1 to In this case, door-opening time may be varied from 0.

The switchboard is connected to a plug, which must be plugged into a terminal board, to which the whole system is connected.

The diagram shows min. With four interphones, uses devices with three buttons plus 3 additional buttons. The last call has priority over the previous calls. The video connection must be made using a RG59 type cable or one similar with an impedance of 75 Ohm.


PTC – 1st secondary coil for internal electronic supply: This makes it possible to frame people of different heights or position the ellvox panel higher or lower than prescribed. Intercommunicating interphones system without conversation privacy Video door entry system with two video speech units and switching module type P2 – Volume adjustment of speech unit.

elvox door entry systems. elvox door entry intercom systems

When the key is pressed again the switchboard is excluded from the conversation in progress. Wiring diagram with simultaneous activation of two or more monitors by power supply type Equipped with differentiated call generator. Wiring diagram for additional monitor It is a new power supply for intercom systems equipped with an electronic double tone generator which replaces conventional alternative calling with a buzzer or bell. With the GN key set to N, the night interphone ringtone will sound intermittently, until the pressed keys are disactivated.

Once you have made all the electrical connections make certain that all the interphones are correctly replaced: Sound circuit supply Intercommunicating C1: Switching modules with class V-0 technopolymer case on module DIN housing and protective caps for terminal blocks. Terminals 1, 5, 2 and 4C are for the common connections from the power supply.

Elvox Sound System Installation and Technical information

Fit the interphone upper part at about 1. To connect fewer interphones, proceed as it follows: Then distribute the keys in the interphone housing, removing the plastic that holds them as shown in figure 1.

Wiring diagram for separate camera. This relay can be used for activating equipment operating at V, e.