Fisher Scientific – BioTek Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer – Fully contained workstation offers a variety of data output options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Epochâ„¢ has a monochromator-base UV-Vis wavelength selection, offering expanded options for the life science laboratory without using interference filters, . Epochâ„¢ 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer from BioTek Instruments.

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As a result, they are widely used for various liquid handling tasks in pharmaceutical laboratories, research institutes, universities, healthcare and industrial laboratories, where they help you to perform your manual pipetting easily and accurately.

From basic ELISA to high throughput detection, the absorbance readers offer tremendous functionality. Our other Companies Beun de Ronde B. Sartorius mechanical pipettes are appreciated for their ergonomics, ease of use and reliability.

The system includes two vertical stackers for bioyek and unloading of microplates. Sartorius Standard Tips Optifit tips ensure perfect fitting and leak-tight sealing on Sartorius pipettes for maximum pipetting accuracy and reproducibility.

You may choose the pipette of your liking from the various models we offer to suite your specific needs and applications. Write your own review. Great instrument, reliable and robust like a tank! Gen5 Microplate Reader and Imager Software provides intuitive control for all imaging and detection systems, with powerful data analysis and flexible output capabilities.

Perfect images just one click away. Multi-Mode microplate readers offer flexibility and ease of use wpoch a broad range of applications.


Instead, your results depend on the right combination of both and, on the comfort of the user! Pre-programmed nucleic acid and protein protocols in Gen5 make quantification fast and easy. Get rapid results for up to 48 samples at a time, without investing in additional instrumentation.

The user friendly windows based control software includes a built-in label designer, customized label stocks, open architecture LIMS interface and many more. Scinomix standard line of plate labelers ensure biiotek cycle times to increase efficiency and productivity in your lab.

Epoch Model R is compatible with BioStack 3.

Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer from BioTek Instruments – Overview

You can select easily what cells to read and there is option for some data manipulation as well. BioStack is a compact stacker that offers fast plate exchange options for 50 plates or more, and patented plate de-lidding and re-lidding with BioStack 4. Easy to customize and interpret the data format even after acquisition of the datasets. It can be used in a manual stand-alone environment or integrated into a fully automated system.

BioTek Epoch

Randox Evidence Investigator New! This patent pending design provides rich phenotypic cellular information with well-based intensity data. Microplate stacking operations are also controlled through Gen5 for imaging and detection. The color touchscreen provides a visual interface that makes creating protocols fast and intuitive. Synergy 2 and Synergy HTX offer modular features and outstanding specifications for performance and economy. BioTek’s imaging, detection and liquid handling instruments offer superior performance, reliability and versatility.


This robust, low maintenance microplate spectrophotometer ensu For example, you can do time course experiments, and can save frequently used protocols and experiments.

Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer from BioTek Instruments, Inc. | SelectScience

Perform spectral scanning, endpoint and kinetic assays in this simple to operate, simple to program microplate reader spectrophotometer and Gen5 software Walkaway processing: Ease of use 2 biotdk of 5 After sales service 2 out of 5 Value for epooch 2 out of 5. Private Ease of use 5 out of 5 After sales service 5 out of 5 Value for money 5 out of 5 Great instrument, reliable and robust like epovh tank! Its rapid plate exchange speeds increase throughput and enhance productivity, accommodating assay workflows for and well plates.

Many life science workflows benefit from expanded automation, for increased throughput or process efficiency. LHC software offers complete programming and control over microplate washing and dispensing operations, including stacking operations when interfaced with BioStack.

This helps other members to better understand the Reviewer’s experience and expertise. Plates are loaded into an input stacker, processed bkotek the printing platform, and moved to the output stacker. Advanced Reviewer Member since: