ORDER THE BOOK E-BOOK Kindle Apple Books Google Play NOOK Kobo The Ninja Nicholas Linnear #1 Description The New York Times–bestselling novel. Titles in the Series The Ninja The Miko White Ninja The Kaisho Floating City Second Skin The Death and Life of Nicholas Linnear The Oligarch’s Daughter. Unfortunately, this is one of several such things that Eric Van Lustbader wants to show his readers in his De Sadean martial arts mega-seller.

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He has come to the US where he succeeded as an add man for a big corporation, but one day he just quits his position. Ultimately–after red herrings galore–the assassin turns out to be a childhood acquaintance who has arranged this whole series of murders mainly to entrap Nicholas these many years later they are rivals in the martial arts and Nicholas’ mother murdered the assassin’s father.

It is clear, with all the different bloodlines that make up Nicholas heritage, just how divided he felt over time. The writing itself might have gone off on random tangents at times and the dialogue was a little disjointed lustnader and Definitely one of my all-time favorites and a must re-read every couple of lusbader, even though I’ve pretty much memorized the key scenes by now both the flawless action sequences and the original sex scenes. I’m still no authority, but I have a much clearer picture not only of Martial Arts but also the Asian background experience with it.

Though to use either term in describing this incredibly juvenile masturbatory fantasy is an offense to books and stories everywhere. I know very little about Ninjas insofar as what it takes to train oneself to become what is essentially a killing machine. Tomkin has two daughters–alcoholic nympho-lesbian Gelda with whom he has had incest and Justine, a rather deranged masochist who has fallen for Nicholas yet can’t trust him–but the source of the conspiracy must be Japan-related.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. A frustrating year after being hired, Carpenter left for not being able to produce a workable ninnja. He lustbaer in the area of West Bay Bridge, where he meets the beautiful daughter of a man worth over million dollars. Many years later, Linnear has moved to America and leads a peaceful academic existence.

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The other character I really enjoy in this novel is the police detective Lew Croaker. Was that intentional on Lustbader’s part? Nicholas Linnear is of mixed race — a white father, part of the post WWII occupation force in Japan, and a mother of deliberately mysterious pan-Asian descent.

Having said all that, I enjoyed this book. And it raises more questions than answers. The kick in the ‘nads here is that it’s not even a complete book. It was only when he became erif young man that he was drawn into the complexities of two very different cultures. The writing itself might have gone off listbader random tangents at times and the dialogue was ninna little disjointed here and there felt like the characters were talking to themselves more than to each other but overall, I can’t fault this book too much.

And there, perhaps, is where Listbader was most disappointed. Before I was completely finished with The Ninja, I purchased both those titles. Sep 13, Paul rated it really liked it. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Perhaps he’s unlucky in love and feels the need to write out rather than act out his various fantasies. Mailer and Updike are often derided as writing some of the worst sex scenes in print but they don’t even hold a candle to the lustbaader that Van Lustbader contrives here.

Carpenter, as it turned out, was also wrong for the film, and he left after a frustrating year of not being able to come up with a filmable draft.

About Eric Van Lustbader. This is part detective fiction, part martial arts thriller and part life story of the central character.

Zanuck and David Brown for 20th Century Fox to produce. Dialogue is just exposition; it doesn’t matter who’s mouth it is. Early this year I made the decision that I would try to re-visit some older books that I’ve enjoyed in the past.

Feb 11, Mr Roy Davidson rated it did not like it. Can’t bring myself to write a full review just yet – maybe I was expecting something different but I was very disappointed in both this and the sequel yes, more fool me for reading them both, I blame a compulsive nature – it just made for a mix of long, tedious prose and uncomfortable sexual scenes. Inheriting his father’s occidental features, but being raised in the Japanese culture meant that he had edic foot in both worlds, but never seemed to truly be accepted in either.


I know just enough about martial arts to understand I really know nothing of them. Instead, I’ll leave with a quote from the book that brought home to me within the first 30 pages just how bad the experience of reading this would be. Views Read Edit View history. Ninma story of half American and half Oriental The garbage trucks are traveling on their lentitudinous path?

“THE NINJA” vs. “THE NINJA: The Movie”

That’s why for this review I decided to re-read a novel that I lustbaer being a favourite, The Ninja by Eric Lustbader. She was also wonderful to me. At times, this trammels the already flattened suspension-of-disbelief, as when our hero stops on his way to the Final Conflict at a movie house to pump up lustbadwr some Bruce Lee flicks.

Published May 12th by Fawcett first published We won’t even get into the whole “Eastern mindset” thing. Lustbader’s choice for portraying Nicholas Linnear was Richard Gerebut it never got to that point.

The Ninja | Eric Van Lustbader

In fact, I must applaud it for giving me one of my most favorite book anti-heroes of all times. The local police are baffled and consult Nicholas as he is known njnja be an authority on oriental studies.

It is a fascinating novel with the action scenes full of detail of the martial arts technique and the damage caused. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Jan-Michael Vincent around that same time period comes to mind, between action films like Defiance and Hooper but pre- Air Wolf.