Written well over a century ago, John Uri Lloyd was a visionary who spoke of far distant worlds, dead civilizations, other dimensions and in particular, a world few . Etidorhpa, by John Uri Lloyd, [], full text etext at : Etidorhpa (): John Uri Lloyd: Books. Etidorhpa and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more.

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How could it not? I think it could be read more than once to get all the nuances from it. The fault lies in us; the forces out there are divine ones—tipped by the title etidorhap the book, Aphrodite spelled backwards—and we need to read up and be humble if we want to feel the full glory of the universe.

Why are we here, and where are we going? About John Uri Lloyd.

Etidorhpa: Strange History of a Mysterious Being and an Incredible Journey Inside the Earth

He pulls you way into his head, and then playfully refuses to be clear about where the exit is. Danielle Rider rated it really liked it Jul 29, There is quite a bit of philosophical discourse about humans and their lost ways, but still plenty of alluring surprises such as gigantic magic mushrooms and boats that glide effortlessly and at great speeds on glass, sort of lakes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And that with humility and the right science we can understand the universe. The journey of ‘I-am-the-man’ is a not-so-subtle allegory of spiritual progression to being a disembodied urj.

The book contains two related stories which are woven into a compelling journey. Looks to me like a 70s colouring job. I read the lloyc 2nd printing on loan from UC Riverside. More than 1, subscribers ordered the book, and they got a handsome package.


Oct 23rd, It took me a few tries to make it through Etidorhpa, plunging deeper into the book each time. Somehow, he ended up in Los Angeles. Science fiction and fantasy evolved so rapidly in the early 20th century that the products of previous centuries often seem uninventive in comparison. I had already read the book before I got my hands on it, but I was eager to read it again.

After he is kidnapped, I-Am-The-Man is sent to a cave in Northern Kentucky, which serves as a portal to the world inside the Earth, a realm forested with giant mushrooms. This is an acquired taste.

With science and pseudoscience in abundance Ethidorpha was a wonderously enchanting tale with an all together disappointing ending. It is weighty, at pages, and even the full subtitle takes its time:. Robert Weintraub – December 20, After betraying the alchemist’s Illuminati he was kidnapped, thrown into a coach with a corpse strapped down on the seat next to you, taken to a cabin in the woods and threatened by men in masks who say “You will now go into the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and learn the mysteries of life.

A part of this spiritual journey included the opportunity to establish contact with a super-human, eyeless being, inside a cave in Kentucky. Much of the novel is a running argument between the doubting rationalist and his underground guide. Definitely provides much food for thought. Immerse yourselves in this one and give me This was a trippy, trippy book!

What did the book mean?

Etidorhpa; or, The End of Earth. by John Uri Lloyd

With regard to the supposed spiritualization of scientific information this is really what should matter. Fiction was a way to make an argument without having to stake your professional reputation on it. His arms and legs were bare, and his skin, the color of light blue putty, glistened in the sunlight like the slimy hide of a water dog.


He doesn’t even get to meet Etidorhpa again. Oct 25th, Some of these images were laboriously repainted by Jess Burgess Collins in his Translations series. It first came out inand it clearly falls within the “Hollow Earth” sub genre of fantastic fiction.

Together they journey to another realm filled with magic and wonderment. One of the most strange books ever.

The book explores the biggest ideas possible: If you are searching for something different, a novel unlike others, this is a very good choice. Except that a hundred years on, people remain befuddled by Etidorhpa.

Etidorhpa – Wikisource, the free online library

Published inthis is considered one of the first science fiction novels. As the name implies, Eclecticism was a movement that covered a lot of ground, and under its aegis you could find both fraudulent healers and straight-laced men of science like Lloyd.

Lloyd was a chemist as well as a writer so the speculation that he might have experimented on himself—and thus produced this book—is understandable. Etidorhpa manages to incorporate the diverse interests Lloyd shared with the world, as well as the ones he hid from his neighbors.