In order to determine the potential of the earthworm Eudrilus eugeniae as waste processor and protein producer, the life history of this species. PDF | In order to determine the potential of the earthworm Eudrilus eugeniae as waste processor and protein producer, the life history of this species was studied . PDF | Eudrilus eugeniae were collected from vermibiotechnology laboratory and cultivated inside the campus of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.

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African Zoology

Results of the anatomy study of Eudrilus eugeniae showed that there are eight setae on each segment, arranging in four pairs of ventrolateral form. The objective of this study was to resolve trophic interactions of bacteria and methanogens in the methanogenic food web in the gut contents of E. Eudrilus eugeniae is a species of earthworm native to tropical west Africa and now widespread in warm regions, both wild and under vermicompostalso called the African night crawler.

Anatomy and life cycle of Eudrilus eugeniae.

Eugenkae alimentary canal is a straight from the mouth upto the anus. Results of the study of life cycle showed that cocoon to white young worm days, white young worm to red young worm days, and red young worm to clitellum days.

Bangkhen Campus, Bangkok Thailand. H2 rather than acetate stimulated methanogenesis in the methanogenic gut content enrichments, and acetogens appeared to dissimilate supplemental H2 to acetate in methanogenic enrichments.


Impact of Parthenium weeds on earthworms (Eudrilus eugeniae) during vermicomposting.

Hydrogenotrophic methanogens affiliated with Methanobacteriaceae and Methanoregulaceae were linked to methanogenesis, and acetogens related to Peptostreptoccocaceae were likewise found to be participants in the methanogenic food web.

Views Read Edit View history. The anoxic saccharide-rich conditions of the earthworm gut provide an ideal transient habitat for ingested microbes capable of anaerobiosis. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Department of Animal Science. Aeromonadaceae-affiliated facultative aerobes, and obligate anaerobes affiliated to Lachnospiraceae, Veillonellaceae and Ruminococcaceae were associated with the diverse fermentations.

RNA-based stable isotope probing of bacterial 16S rRNA as well as mcrA and mrtA the alpha subunit of methyl-CoM reductase and its isoenzyme, respectively of methanogens was performed with [ 13 C]-glucose as a model saccharide in the gut contents.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Two ovaries are found on the posterior face of the 12th and 13th segments and 2 pairs of seminal receptacles on the 10th and 11thsegments. The growth of individual earthworms increased the lower the population density, but the greatest overall sugeniae biomass production occurs at the highest population density. Lookup the document at: The clitellum is on 14th to 18th segments, a pair of female pores on the 14th segment and a pair of male pores at the joint of the 17th and 18thsegment.

Retrieved from ” https: Eudrilus eugeniae Eudgilus It was recently discovered that the earthworm Eudrilus eugeniae eudriluw Brazil can eeudrilus methane CH4 and that ingested methanogens might be associated with this emission. This annelid -related article is a stub. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Methanogenesis was ongoing during incubations, and 13 C-labeling of CH4 verified that supplemental [ 13 C]-glucose derived carbon was dissimilated to CH4.


Access the full text: The African nightcrawler has a uniform purple-grey sheen and the posterior segments are evenly tapered to a point. These findings provide insight on the processes and associated taxa potentially linked to methanogenesis and the turnover of organic carbon in the alimentary canal of methane-emitting E. In the study of reproductive system, 2 pairs of testicles in the lobe form are found at the eigeniae faces of the 10th to 11th segment and 11th to 12thsegment septa, 2 pairs of large seminal vesicles are on 11th and 12th segments and the prostate gland is in the form of euprostate which looks like finger.

Throughout its life cycle, E. Four pairs of pseudoheart are found for vascular system. The segments of the Brandling worm Eisenia fetida alternate reddish-orange and brown; the posterior segments eudriuls not taper, and the final segment is blunt.

Eudrilus eugeniae Scientific classification Kingdom: Concomitant fermentations were augmented by the rapid consumption of glucose, yielding numerous products, including molecular hydrogen H2carbon dioxide CO2formate, acetate, ethanol, lactate, succinate and propionate.