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The guardREC® solution complies with the EUROCAE ED to assist the The Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording (ED) is a set of. Std EUROCAE ED Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording – Including Amendment N°1. Context. Related Elements. Std EUROCAE ED EUROCAE and RTCA documents should be listed in an EUROCAE ED Safety and Performance Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data. Communications (Baseline 2 Page

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Such applications contribute to situational awareness as well as safety, capacity, and efficiency of operations.

ED-111 – Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording (including Amendment N°1 – 30 July 2003)

Aircraft shall be operated in accordance with the applicable requirements and standards like those in, e. Telephone Issued in January It will enable a common interchange between data originators, data integrators, and system eurcae.

Existing safety processes have not had to consider intentional disruption. It is applicable to robust on-board recording systems, ancillary equipment and their installation in aircraft. This minimum operational performance specification defines the minimum performance expected of an aircraft VHF receiver-transmitter equipment; the performance of a specific equipment may be eufocae or superior to this specification depending on the intended application and configuration.

Level 1 through Level 5 transponders are addressed, test procedures are provided as well as ed111 for optional features. This includes validation of requirements and verification of the design implementation for certification and product assurance.

It clarifies the previous version ED particularly the field of message processing. The aim of this work is to develop a universally agreed and unambiguous definition of what constitutes Foreign Object Debris in the context of an aerodrome and how it can be usefully classified. It increases efficiency and safety. This document is intended to provide guidance to manufacturers who may apply this policy to their type design programs and to establish criteria to encourage a consistent approach be applied across industry.


This document has been written under the assumption that if all users are using consistent aerodrome mapping data, operations can be sd-111, and new capabilities can be realized. It provides specific guidance for the assurance of IMA systems as differentiated from traditional federated avionics. This document describes the simulations conducted, the results obtained and concludes on the acceptability of the MASPS requirements.

Ehrocae document defines and allocates the set of minimum requirements for the operational, safety, and performance aspects for initial implementations of data link services supporting Air Traffic Ee-111 in continental airspace. Data link communications are expected to be used for routine or frequent types of transactions. This feasibility study document details the context of the study and a description of the intended function situational display of regions ahead of the aircraft that present potential hazards to the aircraft due to ice crystals.

No longer maintained Issued in April This document deals with the result of this work and the associated recommendations. Improved Antenna and Cabling Specifications, g. Equivalence between this form of the CAS logic and the state charts has been demonstrated by testing implementations based on each specification against the CAS test suite.

The task eurocea included the consideration of the overall system audio response characteristics affecting the intelligibility of air-ground speech communication, and the review and evaluation, to the extent feasible, of all design mesures giving promise ed111 improvement. This standard was developed to enable air traffic service providers ATSPs to interoperate with data link equipped aircraft when one of the systems is still compliant with the Baseline 1 Standard.


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This document provides to the aviation community a collection of disciplines necessary to assure that the aeronautical information used by the community meets the standards of quality and integrity appropriate for a safe flight. This standard provides a consistent means to evaluate electrically heated Pitot and Pitot-static probes for in-flight ice and rain conditions that may be experienced in service.

Uerocae 1 to EDG. It provides standards for Mode S airborne equipment Mode S. Several are described in this document.


Airworthiness security is the protection of the airworthiness of an aircraft from intentional unauthorized electronic interaction. The requirements specified in this document are necessary to provide adequate assurance that the aircraft systems and other systems, when operating together, will perform their intended function — EFVS Takeoff — in an acceptably safe manner for the operations defined in the OSED.

This document specifies a Common Standard for the Interoperability of ATM Validation Platforms of various origins in order for them to be capable of running jointly in the common framework of a common ATM Simulation validation exercise. Although technically identical, the documents ER and AIR present a limited number of editorial differences.

In this section various glossary terms used in the document are described.