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Return to Book Page. And Rohinton Mistry really is one of the finest writers I’ve ever had the privilege of coming across. Mass market place book, standard cheap handbook Audiobook value insurance quotes, adobe converter, app, modern facts series, essential databases, community investigation and document providers. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers. Nariman carries around a lot of guilt, and it is interesting to see the contrast between the young man and the ailing one in the present day. The book also portrays the animosity one develops against fmaily own family members as the clock ticks. Kapur, whose benevolence weds passion in such fierce ceremony that his employees, Yezad and Husain get absolved of all their sorrows in its pious fire?

If you took all of Shakespeare’s tragedies, condensed them into a story about one family, and set it in Bombay in the s, this book would be the result.

View all 20 comments. Yet another masterpiece from Mr. Flipping through the pages, my heart leapt many times; those mattdrs bearing the ring of countenance were from still stream but the ones with ripples of accusation roared thunder.

While I still preferred A Fine Balance of the two stories I’ve read by him it was grander in scalethe more intimate Family Matters is still percent 5-star fare with rich, evocative, Dickensian characters, set against the sprawling, corrupt, bustling backdrop of Bombay-soon-to-be-Mumbai, India.


However, rebellion was not part of their natures, as it clearly is for Murad, and it would have been interesting to see what happens to him.

The suffering of a bed-ridden senior taken care of by his family, a family that cannot afford help. Mistry demonstrates better than any writer that every individual has an amazing story to tell. A God in Ruins. I empathize more towards Nariman than any other character in the book.

Overall, though, I enjoyed the time spent in a vibrantly realized Indian city and appreciated the chance to learn about a lesser-known community: A lot of the novel is like that: Did my fingers pause typing these words defining myself?

But on the other hand, the universality reminded me of the claustrophobic and eternal familial struggles of all human family life, which affect most families throughout time, and I not only am glad I currently live in a two-person household, but I found myself longing a bit for the hermit life. Mistry drifts between the third-person perspectives of most of the main characters, especially Yezad and Jehangir.

A very realistic story written by some sense of humor. I have the bad habit of calling every book I just finished “my favorite” — until I finish the next one. I totally forget some books as soon as they are finished. I liked this book after awhile, but initially, one of the characters, Coomy, irritated me so much I almost quit. Life is a struggle for so many.

By consequence, Roxanna’s family will face with new challenges, from economical point of view and her children’s education as well. View all 5 comments. To worsen his physical health, he ends breaking his ankle, getting unable thus of getting around. Of course they would have. Inoltre, il genero di Nariman cambia carattere troppo velocemente trasformandosi da parsi non praticante a ortodosso intransigente.

Alex Duncan At times yes it is hilarious.


A Brief History of Seven Killings. The Lives of Others. Sometimes it was literally painful to read this book because so many scenes and remarks and characters were so famioy and moving — in short, this is not a book to be picked up and put down lightly.

Roxana and Yezad are also fighting with Coomy and Jal.

Family Matters Quiz

You will get involved in it as though every joy and tragedy were happening within your own family. Dec 12, Sue rated it really liked it Shelves: And by “enlist,” I mean show up unannounced at her two-room cramped flat–which she shares with her husband Yezad and two small children, Jehangir and Murad–and jistry dump Nariman off.

H Is for Hawk. Why, else, should I stand dwarfed by Nariman who bears the burning thorns fxmily his soul, adamantly barricading their venomous pricks from seeping into his heart and its inhabitants?

Family Matters Quiz

The characters were all well drawn, even the characters on the sidelines were interesting and the two young boys won my heart. The titular family matters under discussion are principally the care of the elderly Matterx, afflicted with Parkinsons and a mattefs ankle he is unceremoniously deposited with his daughters family, the care of whom places enormous strain on an already stretched family budget.

If they learn kindness, happiness will follow. In some ways, it’s reminiscent of A Fine Balance, the manner in which characters are affected by events larger than themselves, but manage to trudge along until Mistry decides, in one fell swoop, to unleash all the horrors of hell upon them. View all 66 comments.