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Full text of “FBI MIOG Sec Informants”. See other formats. Sensitive Manual of Investigative Operation! and Guidelines Part I PAGE ” 1 SECTION FBI Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines (Section on Informants) = 74 pages. This article will focus on how to research FBI policies and procedures for the operation of informants.

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The teletype must include: An outline of the need to furnish the information to the informant; 3.

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANTS – Official FBIretired Website | Investigators / Experts

Place a new FD on top of the old form if there is a need for additional certification space. Source’s employment; if unemployed, how source it subsisting; and extent this activity jeopardizes source’s livelihood.

SaC authorization is only required in instances where the informant is traveling on behalf of or at the behest of the FB1. Travel may not be approved by any ether management or supervisory official within the field office.

This is a fascinating story of how not to operate mjog informant. The original of the FD must reveal the identity of the informant, but the identity must be concealed on all copies.

These changes would include appointment or election to public office. In such an emergency situation the SAC shall attempt to consult by telephone with a senior member of the United States Attorney’s office before approving. Engage in violations of Federal and state mioog while providing information to the FBI. Research of this document is difficult due to the size and the fact that the document is not searchable.


Any correspondence regarding additional payment authority, participation in extraordinary criminal activity, and unauthorized criminal activity are to be transmitted by secure teletype to FBIHQ.

FBI Manual of Investigative Operations & Guidelines [MIOG]

A record shall be Bade and kept in the informant or confidential source file when the advice mkog been given. To attain this balance. This determination should be documented in the informant’s main file. Please provide name, phone number, and location of the Assistant United States Attorney endorsing the request.

FBI MIOG Sec 137–Informants

In the event that the informant did testify, the case Agent should set forth the general nature and aubject matter of the testimony in the memorandum. All such indexing should be done from substantive mio.

A preliminary inquiry may niog be used to assess suitability. Establishing, acquiring, or using a proprietary. Just search document name in Google to locate site.

Researching FBI Informant Policies and Procedures: The FBI MIOG and Other Sources

These files, as well as the closed informant files, should be bound in the green file cover and file back designated as an FDa. For a person who is not familiar with the MIOG, you can become very frustrated very quickly due to the amount muog time it takes to find the desired information. When the informant n closed. The Attorney General shall be intoned of any such extraordinary payaent as he deems necessary. Engages in violations of Federal and state laws while providing information to the FBI.


Researching FBI records can be very difficult and frustrating since many of the records are not searchable once you find the record you desire.

A co-case Agent may meet with an informant without being accompanied by fgi FBI Agent, provided each auch contact is fully documented. The SAC’s review must be documented in the informant’s main file or the appropriate control file.

The fact that such a review was conducted must be documented in the informant’s file on an FD and indexed on the FD Agents should limit the disclosure of the identities of FBI informants to non-FBI task force members to those situations where it is essential to the effective performance of their duties. Htigative or prosecutorial considerations. Such requeits may exceed “”ere operational considerations necessitate an enhanced authority level.


Any decision not to destroy all information about the person or entity shall be recorded with explanatory facts and circumstances in an investigative case file and shall be reviewed periodically by the SAC or designated field supervisor.

This book may be purchased on Miob and related sites and covers many federal law enforcement agencies.