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Fluke Calibration A Field Dry-Well Metrology Temperature Calibrator with Model INSA (“A” Insert) and INSX, °C to °C – at the Test. Each Hart Metrology Well from Fluke Corporation (“Fluke”) is warranted to be Fluke’s Hart Metrology Wells (, , , and ) are designed to be. Buy Fluke Calibration Fluke Dry Block Calibrator at low prices with calibration certificate from instrumentationcom Free shipping, product experts.

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Rectangular Lead Acid Batteries.

Fluke A Metrology Well Calibrator, C with INSA, V | Transcat

Travel and Brief Cases. Terminal Blocks and Strips. Loading effect with a 6.

Why not leave a review of this product? Shop Rectangular Lead Acid Batteries. The Fluke X Field Metrology Well — Choice of Insert can be used to calibrate temperature probes, thermometers and thermal switches. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser flkke utilize the functionality of this website.

Providing the finest test equipment solutions since 1992

With groundbreaking new proprietary electronics from Fluke Calibration’s patents pendingMetrology Wells let you bring lab-quality performance into whatever field environment 917 might work in. Shop Constant Voltage Transformers. Shop Cell Phone Accessories.

Loading Loading is defined as the change in temperature sensed by a reference thermometer inserted into the bottom of a well after the rest of the wells are filled with thermometers, too.


Combines bath-level performance with dry-well functionality and legitimate reference thermometry Bring lab-quality performance into whatever field environment you might work in INSA Six imperial miscellaneous holes Hole quantities 910 sizes: Heat sources from Fluke Calibration have long been known as the most stable heat sources in the world.

Shop Basic Snap Action Switches.

This optionally built-in input accepts, and ohm PRTs. Shop Electronic Enclosure Accessories. This has limited value because the unique characteristics of the reference PRT, which essentially become “calibrated into” the calibrator, are often quite different from the thermometers tested by the calibrator.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Fluke Calibration Field Metrology Well Accurate enough for lab use, and rugged and portable enough to take anywhere.

Fluke 9170-X-256 Field Metrology Well – Choice of Insert

Do you have a question or found it cheaper? Shop Connector and Flke Tooling. Be the first to write your review! Finally, in terms of its practicality, the Fluke X Field Metrology Well has been designed to be compact and lightweight, ensuring that it can be easily transported between worksites and used within a variety of environments, including hard-to-access places.


Shop Insulators, Sockets and Kits.

Via the large, LCD display the user is able to view the block temperature, cut-out temperature, stability criteria and flluke rate. Dry-wells are typically calibrated by inserting a calibrated PRT into one of the wells and making adjustments to the calibrator’s internal control sensor based on the readings from the PRT.

Fluke X Field Metrology Well – Choice of Insert

PoE Power Over Ethernet. The LCD on the front panel of the Fluke allows direct viewing of the control temperature actual well temperaturereference thermometer temperature, heating or cooling power, current set-point information and current program information. And Metrology Wells are small enough and light enough to go anywhere.

There is an automated “switch test” protocol that zeros in on the “dead-band” for thermal switches. Radial Uniformity Radial uniformity is the difference in temperature between one well and another well.

See the ‘Options’ dropdown above to order the ‘R’ version.

Please see datasheet for options. Fluke Calibration Model No: