VF08 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Fostex vf 8-track digital multitracker • Read online or download PDF • Fostex VF User Manual. Vf08 owner’s manual, V supplement • Read online or download PDF • Fostex VF08 User Manual.

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Page 5 ContentsSetting the external recorder The level envelope of the scrub track is shown on the screen, allowing you to locate the beginning of a foste or intervalof songs easily. Mark function The VF08 has the Mark function which allows you to set marks at the desired positions in a song. In addition to Scene memories, the VF08 also provides 10 Temporary memories T00 to T09 that can be used with all programs in common. You can set the points either during playback andwhile stopped.

By using this function, you can exchange tracks not only among real tracks but also between real and additional tracks, allowing to use tracks effectively.

Fostex VF08 user manual

You can make recording against each program or playback materials recorded on each program. Recorder FunctionsRecorder FunctionsThis chapter describes various recorder functions. With the vari pitch function, the pitch changes according to the speed.

Scene Sequence Using the scene sequence function, you can recall desired scene memories at the desired mark positions during playback. Names and functions Pressing this key again ffostex the monitor back to Repro monitor. The unit starts formatting the backup disk. The “seconds” value blinks, showing that it can be edited.

The track exchange function allows you to exchangetracks regardless of whether they are real or additional tracks on the program in single track mabual, 2track unit or 8-track unit. With the initial setting of 00h 59m 57s 00f 00sf, for example, MTC of 59m 57s 00f 00sf is output at the ABStime 00m 00s 00f 00sf. Be careful not to apply excessive force when turningover the panel.

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The example below shows the current recorder posi- tion is at beat 1 of bar It’s even got a built-in feature that will eliminate specific pan positions from a mix, like a karaoke machine, so you can download songs and sing along, or play along.

For example, you can specify fosttex tempo of to the third beat of the 12th measure. Be careful not to apply excessive force when turning over the panel. Saving data to a SCSI disk The selected scene is recalled and the display changes to the Normal display. Adjusting levels13 Vvf the pan position using the [JOG] dial.

Manuals : Fostex Support

This section describes how ofstex make digital recording between the VF08 and an external digital device. Depth Adjust the chorus depth. To execute the scene sequence function, you must first assign scene or temporary memories to marksin the mark map. When the [PEAK] indicator lights, the You can locate a mark position immediately, as well as use mark positions for the punch in and out points, beginningand end points for costex and editing points for track editing such as copy, move, erase, etc.

Fostex VF08 Owner’s Manual

ABS 0 is the reference position for managing all the location and related to other time bases. When selecting “New PGM”, a new program is created. Fostex VF08 user manual. Formatting the Hard disk Carefully follow the instructions below to newly format the hard disk properly. Don’t have an account? Mixer FunctionsDeleting a mark from the mark mapExecuting the scene sequenceYou can delete an unnecessary mark from the markmap.


Fostex VF08 : Digital Multitracker Owner’s Manual VF08

Note that all settings stored in Temporary memoriesdisappear when turning off the power. When formatting is completed, “Completed! Tracks 9 through 24 arecalled “Additional tracks”. Make sure thatthe voltage of your AC outlet matches the specifiedvoltage. Items to be stored include all parameters set by mix parameter editing functions, as well as all track fader levels. Mix Parameter Edit To adjust maanual pan position for another track, repeat steps 2 and 3 above. Note that hard disk cables will be connected.

Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard.

The following describes about settings for level, pan, EQ and effects. Advanced Operation Digital recording You can digitally record an external digital source to the VF08, manuql stereo output signals of Page 70 Advanced OperationSlowing down the playback speedSetting the cancel positionYou can change the playback speed only while therecorder is stopped. Effect Parameter Details Effect parameter details The parameters that can be adjusted will depend on the parameter type.

For stubborn dirt, moisten a cloth in diluted detergent, wring it out firmly, and wipe the dirt off. Set the gain at maximum within the 80 in which the[PEAK] indicator does not turn on when playing theguitar at the loudest volume. About the hard disk storage device Unscrew the four screws from the bottom of manuzl main unit that are fixing the panel. You can set the points either during playback and while stopped.