Buy Fractal Time by Gregg Braden now! In his latest book, former senior computer systems designer and bestselling author Gregg Braden. Fractal Time (abridged audio book). The Gregg Braden Audio Collection*. Speaking the Lost Language of God. The Spontaneous Healing of Belief ( abridged. In this fascinating book, Gregg Braden merges the modern discoveries of nature’s patterns (fractals) with the ancient view of a cyclic universe. The result is a.

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Braden posits that the braven of the repetition allows us to predict when the next one will occur and so become more effective in responding to it. Mar 08, Melissa rated it liked it. But, once he sets up the basic groundwork, things break down quickly.

Fractal Time – Gregg Braden – Google Books

The Maya were not obsessed with time, as so many researchers and pop-culture authors assert. Aug 02, Melanie rated it it was amazing. The reader can only glean the subliminal nature of this as an afterthought. Braden explains how this date was arrived at based on the Mayan cycle of 5, years per cycle.

Fascinating to say the least! Dec 31, Soneile rated it it was ok. Refund requests over days from the purchase date will receive a check as funds cannot be returned to the credit card due to fraud protection policies. This star moved to within 30o of the September equinox point inmeaning that Regulus left the sign Leo to enter the sign Virgo in that year. It fits the theme of meeting the right people at the right time.


Fractal Time Calculator

There was a lot of criticism about her political inexperience; but she united the opposition, restored the faith of the people in the government, and calmed the political waters.

I figured it can’t be a bad idea.

vractal Repetitive ideas are distributed across the time codes, specifically on the discussion of time cycles, cosmic calendars, and patterns. In Maythe Philippine general elections was held; also the first national computerized election in Philippine history.

This masquerades as something profound, but the dubious mathematical reasoning and leaps of philosophical logic which it demands don’t stand up to much scrutiny.

Fractal Time Calculator

No trivia or quizzes yet. The chapters following explore how history repeats itself, digging deeper into the cycles of time and its impact cosmically, globally and individually and the various predictions fornot all of them pleasant particularly the suggestion that the poles may flip-flop. My favorite part of this book was the explanation of the elecrtro-magnetic potential of the human heart and how it can directly influence the natural world. This cosmic trek has been noted in several ancient records from several continents, and the first part of the book details information about how the date was ascertained.

The end of a world age is not abrupt and necessarily overlaps with the next one. I ran the fractal time formulas on a number o0f my life situations by hand and on his website and could come up with no aha realizations. Braden reasserts many times that the date is does not predict an Armageddon.


The Time Code Calculator when tested with both global and personal events produces uncanny results that cannot be easily dismissed as coincidence. The TCC can also calculate when the repetition of the conditions of events will occur, which had a big impact at a local, national, or global level, based on a first seed event in the cycle. This appears to have been a deliberate strategy of the author to aid the reader in remembering what he thinks are most important.

Some astrologists say the Age of Acquarius has actually begun in Since time moves in repetitive cycles and patterns, the conditions to which events occur can be predicted.

He was the husband of Cory Aquino, a former senator and led the staunch opposition against Marcos.

Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age

The biggest complaint I have with this book is the author’s tendency to repeat ideas and examples continuously over and over again more than once redundantly. The book begs that one suspend this disbelief and proceed with an open mind.

User Review – Flag as inappropriate Great book. We see it as a broad straight avenue. This is not the end of the world but the end of time and the beginning of the next world age.