An eccentric, fascinating exposé of a world most of us know nothing about.” — The New York Times Book Review “An insightful, entertaining, brainiac sp. Most books on globalization focus on how it changes a culture. But in How Soccer Explains the World, New Republic staff writer Franklin Foer. HOW SOCCER EXPLAINS THE WORLD: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization. Franklin Foer, Author. HarperCollins $ (p) ISBN.

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More By and About This Author. Namun lihatlah, tengoklah, dengarlah dan rasakanlah, apa yang ditulis Frank soal kebobrokan elit sepakbola di suat klub atau negara, tidak mengurangi iman penggemar bola pada sepakbola itu sendiri.

Foer explores the impact change isn’t the right word football has on society and nations. Critics of soccer contend that epxlains game inherently culminates in death and destruction.

Ada 10 bab yang mengangkat Saya baru ngeh ternyata Foer ini ada hubungannya sama si novelis itu, dan emang, Franklin kakak tertuanya Jonathan Safran Foer. The theme is very interesting, but the implementation is not what I expected. Saat kesebelasan Portella mencetak gol, bapak-bapak separuh baya ini mencium emblem seragam mereka dan saling berpelukan, tumpang tindih di lapangan.

sovcer If you do like soccer, you’ll probably like the book. Do you franklni any idea how long it took to me find something affordable to eat? I somewhat sympathize with the “localists”, as I think it’s weird when Americans develop completely arbitrary attachments to EPL teams, and I wonder what foreigners must be thinking when they start deliberately becoming fans of odd NFL teams like the Jaguars.

Because goals come so irregularly, fans spend far too much time sublimating their emotions, anticipating but not ever releasing. For that matter, so are most of the Rangers players. And the popular belief that they are Francos mascot is not true, when they are a puppet. Nov 30, Troy Sehlinger rated it liked it.

I thought my eyes were fooling me when I saw this book sitting in the bookstore. Saya paling suka dengan ulasan penulis tentang kehidupan pesepakbola kulit hitam di Ukraina. Although they’ve gotten better over time, the English and Italians developed the tradition of making ape noises when black players touched the ball.


But it is often more deeply felt than religion, and just as much a part of ssoccer community’s fabric, a repository of traditions. The soccer is linked with religion, mafia, politics, power and corruption, hooliganism, nationalism, race, class and so on. This book was published pre-Beckham experiment in the American system. We probably wouldnt have a Real Madrid now.

Liputan-liputan Foer, yang seorang Amerika suka sepakbola, benar-benar cihuy. It’s theatre, art, war and love. Foer, who lives in Washington, D. There is no theory about globalization and soccer is not explaining the world at all.

I assure you, it’s much more serious than that. Well, few years ago, I caught myself los It’s ectasy, anguish, joy and despair. He uses them quite constantly but never really hits on any points that rock your social, economic, or political core.

How Soccer Explains the World Quotes

Certain people or groups push against the foreign influencing American Culture. Dengan jitu Frank melukiskan hal ini, inilah gaya yang telah direduksi sedemikian rupa sampai menjadi aforisme lumrah untuk membenarkan dukungan kepada mereka,”ia memang mencuri tetapi ia menghasilkan sesuatu” hal It does this in a ligh First of all, it’s played with the feet, but I’ll call it “soccer” even though it pains me to do so.

Adanya badan-badan sejenis PT untuk mengelola klub-perserikatan ini pun masih belum optimal. Then he bought his own soccer club and, before he was gunned down inintimidated other teams into losing. Mar 16, Alekh Agrawal rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yang perlu dibahas lagi barangkali sepakbola dan wanita.

How Soccer Explains the World: Banyak hal yang baru dan menggelitik atas hasil penelusuran penulis. The movement that toppled the Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner had the same sportive ground zero. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Jul 09, Craig rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was raised in various cities, due to my father’s dedication to serve the church, and never really had a city or town to call home.


‘How Soccer Explains the World’

When those emotions swell and become uncontainable, the fans erupt into dark, Dionysian fits of ecstatic violence. Englishand the Americanization of soccer were all well executed. Apa kaitannya sepakbola dengan pembantaian muslim Bosnia? For myself I will socecr considered those words are “holy” because somehow it’s reflected my feeling about football.

Because something so widely accepted hod just be a mere footnote in the larger schem Football is a game played by more nations on this planet, than probably many other games put together. Tottenham and Chelsea are made up of zealous blue collar goons and racists.

How Soccer Explains the World – Wikipedia

Dengan budaya korupsi dunia ketiga? The same primate insults get hurled. For soccer, unlike any other sport in the world, stands at the heart of political and cultural life for millions, even billions, of people. Globalization accounts for each of these developments, and therefore bolsters the notion that soccer offers a useful approach to think about twenty-first century economic and cultural phenomena.

Jadi mari kita mulai dari sebuah nyanyian, ya nyanyian. The section is hodge podged together with snippets of one stellar jewish soccer player, and how jews are often times victims of racism. Franklin Foer mengambil sampel dari beberapa kutub dunia sepakbola, dengan permasalahan khas dari tiap-tiap mereka. Views Read Edit View history. Watch this Real Madrid, we the fans are the real Arema the blood of this club, not like the plasticos you’re signing with multi-million euros but for which major thropy?

I’ve been lucky enough to have been in Europe twice during Euro Cups.