Hielscher published his vision of an ethnic German Reich in a monograph in Here he Friedrich Hielscher und sein Kreis zwischen Heidentum, neuem . The wedding of Gertrud Daumann und Friedrich Hielscher, January 1, Under the Third Reich, Hielscher played a directing role in the. In Friedrich Hielscher, an active publicist on the radical right, summed up He stands for the Reich as protector of the past, as crusher of the present.

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It was he who conquered the kingdom of the Aztecs and Mexico for the benefit of Spain. In the course of time I had a very good opportunity for obtaining information, but I must point out that I always had to be very careful not to disturb the appearance of loyalty.

If that should be an error I desire it be corrected at hie,scher time. In English the country was known simply as Germany. Also good relations with the Socialists, represented by Rauchwein and later by Hauberg. Now, in conclusion, it remains only to clarify a final symbol.

What is the date or approximate date, of the publication of this Document; Sievers Document No. And doesn’t the very whiteness of ice deich snow itself suggest certain racial characteristics consonant with the divine source of the universe?

Yggdrasil – Irminsul It was even suggested that the Nordic World-Tree – Yggdrasil – had its roots in that region on the border of Westphalia and Lower Saxony and might still be located, perhaps at the Externsteine site.

One scholarly model adopts its definition of esotericism from certain esotericist schools of thought themselves, treating esotericism as a perennialist hidden, a second perspective sees esotericism as a category that encompasses world-views which seek to embrace an enchanted world-view in the face of increasing de-enchantment.

Retrieved from ” https: The UFK combined panentheism with paganism and nationalism. AroundPlauen, as a boomtown of the region. Politics, Everyday Life and Social Interactions, — It deals with the warning and about the saving of this Dr. Thus the recording of human images race-measurements and the investigation of museum treasures are considered to be additional assignments. The SS initials that stand for Schutzstaffel or Guard Detachment was originally intended to be Hitler’s personal bodyguard.

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Of course, neither the Old nor the New Testament appears in the above collection. Gudmundur Finbogason of Rekjavik, presented a lecture about Icelandic-German cooperation in the field of Nordic Science. It bought the Soviets all the time they needed, for in October the snow began to fall.

The Occult Reich: The Order of the SS

A fantastic and unscrupulous propaganda spread impenetrable darkness over the real state of affairs. Friedrich Hielscher There is evidence to suggest that the Ahnenerbe itself was formed as a private institution by several friends and admirers of Sven Hedin, including Wolfram Sievers and Dr. These ideas influenced a considerable portion of the national revolutionary movement. The landscape of the Vogtland is sometimes referred to as idyllic, bearing in mind its fields, meadows, in the south and southeast, Vogtland rises to a low or mid-height mountain range also called Oberes Vogtland, or Upper Vogtland.

This was made easier because I succeeded from time to time in having research assignments given to jielscher men.

Friedrich Hielscher

reivh A A s time went on I employed various associations gradually. A No, that is not true. He entrusted the creation and command of new unit to Colonel Friedrich Wilhelm von Kleist. To be sure, Schafer was not back in Germany two months before preparations were being made to organize a Tibetan-North Indian strike force to oust the British from their rule in India.

Interned in French concentration rreich between January and Junehe escaped, reached Portugal, and finally settled in New York in January Under the Nazi regime of tohe advocated a clandestine approach to resistance, attempting to place his adherents in key positions where they could contribute to the ultimate downfall of the regime.

Besides that, especially in the business management of the Ahnenerbe, there were about eighteen persons whom I knew were opposed to the Nazi regime. In order to do this, he enlisted the help of an organization that, by its very name, was devoted to restoring the ancient knowledge of the Aryan forefathers to contemporary awe: There has been no complete and comprehensive study of the Ahnenerbe in English so far, and we will not attempt to do so here, however, let us examine several of the separate sections of this operation by studying the documents that were saved from destruction after the war.

Today, Furtwangen is a city with a more balanced industry, there are small and medium-sized industrial companies focused hielschef microelectronics. Dietrich Bonhoeffer at Sigurdshof, The academic study of Western esotericism only emerged in the late 20th-century, pioneered by scholars like Frances Yates, Esoteric ideas have meanwhile also exerted an influence in popular culture, appearing in art, literature, film, and music.


The document is on page 36 of the English translation. In contrast to sport fencing, the participants stand their ground at a fixed distance, at the beginning of the tradition, duelers wore only their normal clothing or light-cloth armor on arm, torso, and throat. Because I moved to Berlin in it was no longer possible for me to continue to act as liaison man, but Hielscher continued to maintain this contact.

Frierich practitioners eschew the term Pagan altogether, choosing not to themselves as such.

Friedrich Hielscher & Wolfram Sievers’ execution – Axis History Forum

And the final aim, as you have already said, friedfich armed overthrow. SS men were discouraged from participating in Christian religious ceremonies of any kind and were actively encouraged to formally break with the Church.

The Nuremberg Laws of employed a pseudo-scientific basis for racial discrimination against Jews. German soldiers march near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, 14 June The circle of Friends was composed primarily of big industrialists hielschr bankers who met for a social evening at regular intervals.

In my opinion, his sole aim was, on the one hand, to form a cell by order and in accord with the resistance groups which existed already at that time. His dissertation in law was about the term Selbstherrlichkeit in German legal tradition, accepted in The official name of the state was Deutsches Reich from tothe period is also known under the names the Third Reich and the National Socialist Period. Furtwangen im Schwarzwald is a small city located in the Black Forest region of south western Germany.

The watchwords he had formulated did not have the success that he hoped for; his calls for unity were not heard. Hielscher published his vision of an ethnic German Reich in a monograph in