by Fritz Leiber. Preface by Eric Flint. My reaction when I first read this story, somewhere around the age of fifteen, was perhaps bizarre. “A Pail of Air”is a story. My first encounter with Fritz Leiber’s short story “A Pail of Air” was in March via the X Minus One radio show. At the time, I could still not read or write and. Given such a setting, the story is naturally dedicated to Fritz Leiber and his famous “A Pail of Air.” I remember reading that story as a child.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Mar 10, Gary rated it really liked it.

Book Review: A Pail of Air, Fritz Leiber (1964)

All of these gases in neat separate layers. It keeps us from freezing and does a lot more besides. They even generated electric light and grew plants and animals by it. Then I had the wit to go back inside. Inside, he said to me, touching helmets, “If you see something like that again, son, don’t tell the others. It’s entertaining and creepy at the same paol. Rather, it is about exploring the nature of Man by putting him into strange environments and then seeing frotz he reacts. He lived an interesting life, including some film work with Greta Garbo and some serious partying with John Barrymore.

The fourth wall frita blankets all over except around the fireplace, in which there is a fire that must never go out. He says he was mostly too busy to notice. Paul rated it liked it Aug 15, We should investigate world survival mechanisms more than we do.

Fritz Leiber and His Classic Story “A Pail of Air” — Jason Sanford

In fact, there was so much talking and excitement that Pa forgot about things, and it leibber until they were all getting groggy that he looked and found the air had all boiled away in the pail. Quotes from A Pail of Air. There was just the sound of Pa’s voice and the clocks.


Imagine people pajl ready for the horrible sort of war they were cooking up. I could tell that Pa was annoyed at me scaring her and wanted to explain it all away quickly, yet could see I wasn’t fooling.

Most of this is unfortunately wir latter. I read the short story A Pail of Air in a few minutes while waiting for pakl lecture to start. But they had an instrument that noticed the faintest heat waves and it had told them there was something warm down here, so they’d landed to investigate. The silence kept on while I swallowed hard a couple of times, and after that there was all sorts of jabbering and commotion. Aug 03, Tim rated it it was amazing. I might buy it quite by accident!

Reprint of paperback. Pa led the way and I took hold of his belt.

This story is good for getting a better understanding of what our atmosphere really is and dispelling some common tropes about living in the vacuum of space. Holds up pretty well.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. It’s Pa who is the chief guardian of the fire, though. However, the US government, always vritz on squashing such counter-culture endeavors, wants to evict them. Keep an eye on the air, too. We are on a hill and the shimmery plain drops away from us and then flattens out, cut up into neat squares by the troughs that used to be streets.

Fritz Leiber was a chess fanatic and it certainly shows in this imaginative story. A person can hold it only so long, and then he’s got to toss it to someone else. You see, I hadn’t been born when the dark star snatched us away from the Sun, and by now it’s dragged us out beyond the orbit of the planet Pluto, Pa says, and taking us farther out all the time.


A Pail of Air by Fritz Leiber – Free Ebook

The loss of solar heating has caused the Earth’s atmosphere to freeze into thick layers of ” snow “. It looked for a minute like we were all fumbling the courage-ball.

On those buildings you can see the darker squares of windows, underlined by white dashes of air crystals. As Pa kept saying, “It just doesn’t seem right to let this fire go out. I expected the Nest to be some sort of airtight room with air-locking systems that would prevent any air leakage from the room.

Pa showed them to me once in quick winks of his flashlight, when he still had a fair supply of batteries and could afford to waste a little light. What matters is that life is good. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Four of these 11 tales were later in The Best of Fritz Leiber, which is a good batting average. Learn how your comment data is processed.

By now, all five adults were talking like sixty. Much more timeless than the others, and much more engaging. The newcomers even got a little drunk.