Items 1 – 50 of Traveller5 Traveller The Traveller Science-Fiction Role-Playing Game System, Fifth Edition The Core Rules for the fabled 5th edition of the. Traveller is a science fiction role-playing game, first published in by Game Designers’ . (GDW published several board games allowing Traveller space battles to be played out as games in their own right – Mayday using the Traveller . AD is a hard science fiction tabletop role-playing game created by Game Designers’ Workshop. Intended as a “harder” alternative to GDW’s earlier Traveller.

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Traveller GDW: Science Fiction | eBay

Safari Ship “An amateur scientist obsessed with his science is hiring adventurers to accompany his expedition to a distant planet in search of traveeller rare and extremely beautiful animal. Detailed essays on how the Droyne reached their peak, and what they have done since. Now the canon for this award-winning series is again available.

Frank ChadwickTimothy Travelldr. The properties and limitations of the Stutterwarp drive and all other technologies are defined in considerable detail, to prevent the use of technological deus-ex-machina to resolve intractable situations. This article possibly contains original research. Flight of the Stag.

Go to our Sales Site. Characters rpf their skills and experience in a mini-game, where the player makes career choices that determine the character’s life right up to the point before adventuring begins. Travellersometimes referred to as Classic Traveller, is the original edition and was published between and I have ran many campaigns over t A port of the Traveller setting to the Hero Systemproduced under license by Comstar Games in The Kinunir is a detailed adventure for Traveller characters, complete with four distinct situations, an array of rumors to lead the characters on, and deck plans and details for an Imperial Battle Cruiser.


The Universal World Profile. Traveller is a registered trademark of Far Future Enterprises. Views Read Edit View history.

These are the Vargr, interstellar neighbors of the Imperium.

Standard designs for Hiver military and commercial starships, including the ubiquitous Embassy Ship. This is an age of prosperity and danger: The New Era was ranked 3rd in the reader poll of Tdaveller magazine to determine the 50 most popular roleplaying games of all time.

Traveller GDW

Additional text in Second Survey deals with the history of the Imperium, traveoler information on how to use the Atlas. Comprehensive character generation system, especially designed for K’kree characters, including provisions for the generation of K’kree family groups they never travel alone likely to be encountered in K’kree territory, and in the human Imperium.

In the intervening three centuries, mankind has rebuilt and returned to space.

Traveller RPG 10 Great lots. Buy at Amazon Hardcover: Copyright – Far Future Enterprises. Such a society can naturally evolve to oppress the masses. X-Boat routes marked with highlighter on Deneb and Corridor maps.


Extra-sensory perception, telekinesis, telepathy, and other psychic abilities are organized and standardized into “psionics”. Tables and rules for creating Droyne worlds. Character generation for twelve additional character types not included in Basic Traveller, suitable for player characters, and non-player-characters alike.

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The broad span of world and atmosphere combinations 11 through Travwller have been reduced to nine small, medium and large worlds; with thin, standard and dense atmospheres. Depending on the task, a success may require rolling above or below the target number. The Introductory Adventure is set in the Spinward Marches. Leaving a character in service for longer before the game would lead to more skills and beginning cash but could also mean that basic attributes such as strength would begin to degrade with old age.

The core rules originally came as a box set of three little black books, and were later compiled into a single volume rulebook. History of the unit. Champions of Human Supremacy. The Legend of the Sky Raiders. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” http: