Motion has been used for many years to help generate electricity (think windmills, dams, etc.) around the globe but soon, the technology could. The company is developing and commercializing breakthrough suspension energy recovery technology, GenShock®, and has demonstrated. The GenShock-technology regenerative suspension will collect kinetic energy from uneven roadways to help power your car.

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Levant Power Technology active suspension zf.

world’s first fully regenerative active suspension system by ZF

Instead of using tiny orifices to create viscous friction and damp the springs, Genshocks route fluid through hydraulic motors. Simpler, Cheaper and More Efficient In the past, every time a vehicle bounced or swayed, energy was lost to the ether.

And thanks for reading Autoblog. But ads are also how we keep the garage doors open and the lights on here at Autoblog – and keep our stories free for you and for everyone. The production numbers continue to rise: Genshpck joint venture with ZF is significant, for it brings together technologies that when combined, provide the critical mass to change the automobile landscape.

Electricity for the vehicle power supply As soon as the driving situation permits, the innovative valve system automatically uses the swaying motion of the damper piston to recover energy. Images — Levant Power Corp. As a vehicle is driving over uneven surfaces, taking a turn at high speeds or during acceleration and braking, the motion of the piston in the damper pushes fluid past the gear pump. In a rectified fluid circuit, the fluid will flow in one direction, ensuring that the electric generator is constantly being powered.

Even better are products which make use of energy that is otherwise wasted. ZF and Levant Power claim GenShock technology combines the vast gains of fully active suspension with modest power consumption, minimal complexity, and affordable cost. Automakers have long sought a gechnology that affords sport cars handling while maintaining comfort of a premium luxury sedan.


AI got its eyes in As the vehicle travels across uneven road surfaces, corners, accelerates or brakes, the unit reroutes the fluid inside the damper through the unit’s electrohydraulic gear pump, which drives the electric motor that converts captured kinetic energy into electricity. An innovative functional unit – fitted to the outside of the ZF damper – forms the technological basis of the active, regenerative system. Levant Power has been developing what it calls GenShock-technologythe first active suspension system with the ability to recapture energy, and ZF has entered a partnership with the Massachusetts-based company to build it.

Click here for more technical information regarding the innovative valving technology. Then, the system guides the oil in the damper in such a way that it drives the electric pump motor. That forward movement is lost completely and dissipated as heat upon braking. Instead of creating wasted thermal energy, Genshocks create rotational kinetic energy in a motor which powers an electric generator.

The Activalve device regulates the flow of fluid in the shocks to adjust the damping rate, just like a normal active damper, but the process is reversed when the GenShock system is capturing kinetic energy. Another is the pursuit of improving energy efficiency in vehicle dynamics technologies.

In addition, steering and braking data is also provided and processed by GenShock. Automotive component firm ZF has agreed to help develop a GenShock-based active suspension that will both convert road bumps to electricity and smooth out its host vehicle’s ride.

Genshock Technololgy

ZF and Levant Power are now developing GenShock-technology to unite the vast gains of active suspension with modest power consumption, minimal complexity, and affordable cost. In addition, there are ZF systems for buses, trucks, agricultural machines and motorcycles.


CDC sensors at each of the vehicle corners update 10, times per second, allowing the system to rapidly switch between power regeneration and consumption.

Please consider whitelisting Autoblog. Then, the system guides the oil in the damper in such a way that it drives the electric pump technolgy.

ZF announces new GenShock energy-recovery suspension – Autoblog

It is called GenShock, and the solution may well be the nirvana the industry has sought. Automakers have long sought a suspension that provides an optimum balance of comfort and handling.

Side by side comparison. It’s only a matter of rechnology before cars’ suspensions become a part of the electric power-regeneration process similar to regenerative brakingand that time is coming very soon courtesy of ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Levant Power Corp.

The captured energy is then converted into electricity, which can be used by the vehicle. Click on the icon for your Adblocker in your browser. Previous fully active suspension systems demonstrated remarkable progress in ride control and comfort, but the proliferation of those technologies beyond luxury vehicles into less expensive vehicle segments has fallen short, largely due to their high cost, complexity, and power consumption a drag on fuel economy.

Gsnshock automakers, this groundbreaking approach is the first fully active regenerative suspension to be viable for mass production for all vehicle segments. technklogy

The production numbers continue to rise; marked the temporary record high with more than 2. In conventional shock absorbers, this energy is lost as heat.