The ethos of Our Journey Home is to inform humanity in a way that empowers the individual, an empowerment that comes from deep within. We are reclaiming. George has had a lifetime of strange and wonderful experiences beyond the ordinary. George Kavassilas Short Bio. George Kavassilas is an author, mentor and public speaker. George has had a lifetime of strange and wonderful.

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Along the way in my personal journey, and my journey back home into me, I have discovered that I am an Infinite Being. As a result of our ever evolving process and my recent personal transformation, Our Journey Home Pty Ltd has morphed into a new expression of my work.

I want to share the knowledge, experiences and wisdom I’ve accumulated with people around the world. April in Byron Bay, Australia Registration open!

George Kavassilas is an author, acclaimed speaker, and regular guest on the alternative radio circuit. To be healthy and thriving, we all need to flow in resonant fields of creativity.

George Kavassilas

On the path of the truth seeker, false beliefs are torn down, but in their stead, the naked truth rises in its simple beauty. The level of knowledge and wisdom shared is the foundation for awakening into an aware and conscious Being, and consequently Freedom and Sovereignty of Spirit. It is time for us to step up, reclaim and embody our Sovereign Infinite Beingness and forge a new path in this reality. It is time to be infinite power, infinite wisdom and infinite love.


Stay tuned for more!

It is the transformation of our Divine Mother Earth and the birthing of her Humanity into fully integrated Beings of Light. Where do we come from?

Author george kavassilas joins RISE on a journey of spiritual liberation – Rise Multiversity

In order to accomplish this we must walk with more authority in this world. George Kavassilas Biography George Kavassilas is an author, mentor and public speaker.

George has had an extraordinary life of uncounted interactions with both benevolent and malevolent Beings from a multitude of different levels of realities, both on and off world.

Sign in to subscribe to email alerts for George Kavassilas. The answers and the community you’ve been seeking. Our Universal Journey is a unique book of Self-Empowerment on a Universal scale and beyond exposing the Planetary matrix and even the Cosmic matrix. He encountered both benevolent and malevolent, inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial beings. George has had a lifetime of strange and wonderful experiences beyond the ordinary. I Am Infinite is an extension of my Being in this modern world, and how I will embody my limitless passion to share my knowledge and wisdom with our global community.

George Kavassilas • Secret Energy

Welcome to We Are Infinite! He was able to once again remember who we all are, where we come from, what we are doing here, and where we are headed. Because you don’t have to walk through this reality alone any more Sounds kwvassilas a paradox, but it is not.


Get real answers to your questions about how to navigate the matrix and the transformation of Mother Earth and Humanity. Inhe re-integrated with his conscious spirit and his Soul and took a journey through the dimensions of our Universe to rediscover what life in this Universe is all about. Get Updates from George If you’d like to receive George’s newsletters by email, let us know and we’ll send them to you!

Kavassilas have fun exploring what’s currently available. I consent to receive emails about your newsletters, updates, events and special offers.

The knowledge and wisdom George shares, along with his values and philosophy have helped thousands of people the world over to feel, to BE and to live in lavassilas more peaceful, centred, and empowered state in a most natural way.

Our wonderful community is growing and expanding, and so am I! Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

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