Facial appearance depends on several oral and extraoral factors. The gingiva is an important intraoral tissue which when affected particularly by pigmentation is. Gingival Depigmentation. shArmilA VermA*, meerA Gohil**, VAnDAnA rAthwA†. AbstrAct. A smile expresses a feeling of joy, success, sensuality, affection and. ser than liquid nitrogen in case of gingival depigmentation. That’s why two alternative methods are used: laser ablation with an Er:YAG laser and cryosurgical.

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Physiologic pigmentation of the oral mucosa in Israeli children. J Periodontol ; The application of diode laser appears to be depigkentation safe and effective alternative procedure for the treatment of gingival melanin pigmentation.

However, scalpel surgery causes unpleasant bleeding during and after the operation, and it is necessary to cover the surgical site with periodontal dressing for 7 to 10 days.

Footnotes Source of Support: But electrosurgery also has its own limitations in that its repeated and prolonged use induces heat accumulation and undesired tissue destruction. We found that the scalpel technique was relatively simple and versatile and that it required minimum time and effort. A 5-year clinical and transmission electron microscopic study in humans.

Gingival depigmentation: A split mouth comparative study between scalpel and cryosurgery

One day postoperatively, it revealed no pain or discomfort [ Figure 9 ]. Although healing of laser wounds is slower than healing of scalpel wounds, a sterile inflammatory reaction occurs after laser use.


Report of a case. Sliced pigmented section removed Click here to view. The patient was reviewed at the end of 1 week. Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent ; The procedure essentially involves surgical removal of gingival epithelium along with a layer of the underlying connective tissue and allowing the denuded connective tissue to heal by secondary intention.

Pink esthetics in periodontics – Gingival depigmentation: A case series

Preoperative photograph showing gingival pigmentation with markings Click here to view. Since the diode basically does not interact with dental hard tissues, the laser is an excellent soft tissue surgical laser, indicated for cutting and coagulating gingiva and oral mucosa, and for soft tissue curettage or sulcular debridement.

Freeze time commences once the solid ice has formed over the entire area.

Post-surgical antibiotics Amoxicillin mg, three times daily for 5 days and Analgesics ibuprofen with paracetamol, three times daily for 3 days were prescribed.

The area healed completely in 10 days with normal appearance of gingival. A colorless, nonchlorofluorocarbon, nonflammable gas, 1, 1, 1, 2 TFE is usually used as a coolant or refrigerating systems and electronic circuits. The healing period of scalpel wounds is shorter than with diode laser. Report of 4 cases. The patient’s acceptance of the procedure was good, and the results were excellent, as perceived by the patient. Cryogen is a substance used for cryosurgery.


The healing depigmebtation was proceeding normally and it was quite uneventful on the surgical area. Esthetic or cosmetic dentistry strives to merge function and beauty with the values and individual needs of every patient.

Gingival depigmentation: A split mouth comparative study between scalpel and cryosurgery

The wound healed well after 2 weeks. The properly initiated tip of the diode laser unit Picasso, AMD laser technologies, USA; wavelength nm angled at an external bevel of 45 degrees and at energy settings of 0. Healing was uneventful in 1 st week with pink color comparable to nearby non-treated area, resulting in a significant improvement in esthetic appearance.

The effect of low temperature on living tissues has been the subject of fascinating studies since Robert Boyle reported almost years ago that cells were killed by freezing.

Earlier studies have shown that no significant difference exists in the density of distribution of melanocytes between light-skinned and dark-skinned, and black individuals. Nil Conflict of Interest: Considering the patient’s concern, depigmentation procedure was planned using electrocautery. The mechanism suggested for the spontaneous repigmentation is that the melanocytes from the normal skin proliferate and migrate into the depigmented areas.

None, Conflict of Interest: