Gísla saga, an Icelandic saga set in northwestern Iceland and written probably before the middle of the 13th century, which tells of an outlaw poet, Gísli Súrsson . Directed by Ágúst Guðmundsson. With Tinna Gunnlaugsdóttir, Arnar Jónsson, Kristján Jóhann Jónsson, Þráinn Karlsson. From an authentic Viking saga, Outlaw. The Saga of Gísli Súrsson begins with a good old-fashioned Norwegian family feud in which a guy named Skeggi asks his carpenter to carve a.

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If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. This Thorkel, Eric’s son, sold land in Hawkdale to Thorbjorn Soursop, for he was so called after he quenched sag fire with the sour whey; the inner bight of the stream was already settled, and Thorgrim Bottlenose was the name of the man who lived there. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Their ship was dashed to pieces, but they saved their goods and crew.

He lent them the horses, and they got on their backs and rode till they came to Mossvale. They sail to Norway. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Gisli sets off with two cart horses and a sled piled with valuables making for hte woods.

After that he passed out there, and all the others after him. She was their eldest child.

Gisli the Outlaw

What must be, must be”. Thorkel grows old and dies and Thorbjorn inherits his stock and the farm at Stokkar in Surnadal. Then slumber steals over him, and he dreams that fowl came into the house called night-hawks: So Auda takes the fee, and puts sagz into a big purse. Museum Tusculanum Press,pp. Then her foster-daughter, Gudrida, fell a-weeping, and goes out and meets Gisli, and says:.

Episode 5: Gísla saga Súrssonar (Gisli’s saga) | Saga Thing

The next thing that happens is that Gisli sends word to his brothers-in-law, Helgi, and Sigurd, and Vestgeir, to go to the Thing and offer an atonement for him, that he might not be outlawed. Till at last my doom was spoken, Ten to one beat down my shield Well my death was then ywroken, Loud clashed swords on fated field. Thou shalt have no share in it. He says that worse dream-wife had come to him again and said thus Thorgrim volunteers to tie on his Hel-shoes.


But what am I to look for at thy hands, kinsman, now that I have done such a deed? There they land, and go to a farmer named Bessi, who dwelt at Bessastead. So Gisli stays there that winter, and he was never better cared for in all his outlawry than there.


After decades of phony Hollywood Vikings, you can finally see the real thing if this film ever makes it to video or DVD. One shall conquer and the other die. Helgi the Spy recognises Gisli in a hideout in Geirthjofsfjord but when Bork arrives with men he has gone.

All in all an engaging Medieval story of feud and murder– Carol Clover likes to point out that Gisla saga is actually the first “detective novel”, rather than Oedipus Rex– in the latter, the audience always knows who killed the king, while Oedipus is still trying to figure it out, and the audience’s knowledge heightens the tragedy– but in Gisla saga the audience is brought along with Waga in the effort to discover the identity of the killer.

His reputation is enhanced.

Gisli the Outlaw Index

Vestein and his men heard them cry, and by that time they had got up on Gemladaleheath. Men say that Ingialld gave most help to Gisli, and was the greatest gain to him; and it is also said that when Thorgrim Bottlenose worked his spells he used the words that “naught should help Gisli, though men tried to shelter him here on land;” but he forgot to add the out isles, and so his charm was only partly fulfilled, though it was fated to be fulfilled at last.

He shoults for her to be killed, but Havard steps in and persuades the men against it. But she goes once or twice round the house widdershins, and snuffs to all airts, and draws in the air.


Jul 18, Colin rated it really liked it Shelves: Few have the wit to understand The riddle of this mound of land. The maid rowed off all dripping and reeking with her hard pull. Then we are told Gisli could not sleep, nor could any of these three, Gisli, Auda, or Gudrida, sleep.

So they came to a house ggisli was almost as large as a hall, and she leads him into that house, and he thought there were pillows of down on the benches, and that it was well furnished in everything. After that Gisli goes home and got good fame for this feat, and then he took the farm as his heritage after Ari his brother; and he got Ingibjorga gis,i to wife, for he would not let a good woman go out of the family. Now Thorgrim goes home, and is famous for this deed. As gilsi Auda, when she went to bed with her husband Gisli, she tells him all that she and Asgerda had said just as it happened, and begged him not to be wroth with her, but to give her good counsel if he saw any.

Help us improve this article! Keep track of everything you watch; giwli your friends. All wise men are of one mind that Gisli lived an outlaw longest of all men, save Grettir, the son of Osmund.

But when Thord sees that, he jumps off the sledge in a trice, and runs nimbly among the trees. That was where he got in. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article.

Ari marries Ingibjorg, daughter of Isi and, along with her dowry, comes a man named Kol, a man of high degree who had been taken captive and was now a slave. But when the day was far spent, and evening fell, they rose up and went out.