Param Poojya Golwalkar Guruji a true patriot (Rashtra Bhakt). Posts about Guruji Golwalkar written by arisebharat.

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I believe that I would be in a better position to achieve it successfully being a part of the Sangh. Let us all realise that we are all the children of this soil and we must have our allegiance to this land. The huge repository of guruii books in the library there was as if waiting to quench his thirst for knowledge. Both these views, therefore, have to be taken together and a good party with candidates of character and devotion to the national cause, free from all self-seeking, of ability, capable of co-ordinated action, and imbued with coherent national views, has to be chosen by the electorate.

Saraipali is at a distance of 90 miles from Raipur and 60 miles from Raigarh. But unfortunately, his efforts had not succeeded. Sri Rama, one of our greatest ideals, is a living example of this philosophy of victory. And again during the battle, when Karna had got down to lift up the wheels of his chariot golwakkar in the mud, Sri Krishna commanded Arjuna to direct his arrows at him.

Dr. Hedgewar and Sangh

Often Shri Guruji would sit through the night at his bed-side and serve him. For instance, serious reading, exceptional memory and the capacity to memorise and mastery over Hindi and English were among the qualities acquired during his early years. From the platform of VHP, all the religious leaders including Shankaracharya pronounced, unequivocally.

He was drawn to every good quality and had a deep-felt urge to acquire it. I only have to golwalkkar to you that you consider the activities of the Sangh as the main objective of your lives. Gardener was teaching the Bible.

Khaki Shorts and Saffron Flags: All the culprits involved have been nabbed. By the end golwalakrhe started feeling seriously unwell.

But his health too started fast deteriorating. Both the students and the teacher were amazed. My body felt thrilled all over and I goolwalkar finding myself an altogether changed person. Along with this, he also discussed in depth other ideologies and did a comparative study of other belief systems and elaborately explained how the Hindu philosophy alone is capable of ensuring highest standard of welfare for the humanity and yield permanent happiness.


There were in those times discriminating preceptors who preached the right concept; there were heroic disciples too who followed them. Gurumurthy on Guruji — A Seer is at the link below http: Kolkata was the hub of revolutionary activities in those days. We must admit that we have not been successful, to the extent expected of us, in integrating the society and rousing the feeling of intense patriotism in it.

And soon Shri Guruji was back to his routine, writing letters, touring, meeting Swayamsevaks etc.

It would be dangerous from the point of view of national security to be trapped in such a position, where you have two independent enemies on two sides. Madhavrao started reading the books, through and through, one by one. If twelve volumes bolwalkar too expansive, then his ideas have been distilled into a book called — Golaalkar Guruji: Guruji was born in a very ordinary family. So it is again the course and force of history, which have established the truth of views of Guruji on Hindu cultural nationalism represented by Hindutva.

The Assassination of Gandhi: His memory served him till his last day. But the attempt failed and the RSS emerged out of the ordeal without blemish and became more and more powerful to finally emerge as the most powerful organisation in the country. He constantly appealed for keeping the spirits high and extending every possible help to the government. You had to consume beef as a sheer necessity because there was no other alternative nutritious food for you in this region.

In his childhood, Shri Guruji was called lovingly as Madhu. Later in NovemberChina openly attacked Bharat along the borders in Arunachal Pradesh and occupied 64, sq.

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This will not only liberate Goa but also enhance our national prestige. Their incomparable battle strategies, valour, courage and sacrifice are worth recording in the history of Bharat in golden letters. You are already serving the Motherland selflessly. Around this time, Doctorji had a serious attack of fever, which could not be controlled by any means. Andersen, Walter 11 March The communists are wedded to the Russian group and dream of establishing the Russian system in our country.


Babasaheb Ambedkar had inculcated the holy Samskaras doctrines of the Hinduism right from his childhood. Jaffrelot noted Golwalkar’s racism in his view that a national language such as Sanskrit would be an expression of the race spirit; the German parallel would be volksgeist.

Disciplinarian Madhavrao returned to Nagpur after completing his Masters in Zoology with first class from Kashi and a few months later, left for Chennai for research in aquarium.

On 4th Februaryin Bangalore, he delivered a public address in fluent English, for one-long hour and that too, standing. Goyalthe RSS’ anti-Marxist tinge made it popular with the wealthy sections of society who generously supported it. The controversy that has arisen over the Constitution of Bharat today also justifies the all-out stress H.

This resulted in merciless massacre of the Hindus especially in Kolkata. Some years back, the foreign powers had their hand behind the language conflict in Assam. Uncommon Mental Fortitude Golwallar Sangh came unscathed out of the trial by fire.

These 33 years formed a very important period in the life of the Sangh as well as of the nation. Who was Shri Guruji? The misconception proved to be a breach in the dam of Hindu society, resulting in a one-sided exodus of the Hindus from Hinduism with no way to return.

This was enough for Doctorji to surmise that he was about to breathe his last.