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The basic problem of sampling theory usually presents itself in one of two forms: A company producing tubes wishes to guarantee for the articles a certain life time. The reason is that an apparent association between A and B may actually be due to the effect of those other characters on them, as has been seen in the last section. The positive square-root of the variance is called the standard deviation denoted by a, or a. Hence the median for this distribution is 3. Statistical Abstract, India,C.

T may also be regarded as a product-moment coefficient. The matrix is nothing more than a set of elements arranged in a convenient manner. Monday to Saturday 9. And in subsequent sections, we shall consider different numerical methods for solving problems of various types. For this it is necessary to calculate, corresponding to the observed class-frequencies, the frequencies that are to be expected in case the given observed distribution is really a random sample from the gopn population.

All these methods, however, are defective in that guta fre- quently lead dasguptx unrepresentative samples. A biassed region would thus reject Ho with a smaller probability when Ho is false than it would when Hq is true. A distribution which is not symmetrical is called asymmetrical or skew. For instance, to know how the production of steel in India has been increasing sinceit is necessary to obtain the actual production figures for all years fro More generally, there will be practical difBculties in studying the whole population.


There may be found a large number of consistent estimators for 6.

Fundamentals of Statistics – A. M. Goon, B. Dasgupta, M. K. Gupta – Google Books

T correct to 6 decimal places. A measure of this type, suggested by C.

Elements of Numerical Analysis. Suppose that it is possible to arrange the individuals according to the degree to which they possess the dasgupt under enquiry, although the character may not be directly measurable. A series is said to be convergent if its sequence of partial sums is convergent. Define coefficient of variation and explain its usefulness.

We may thus compute a measure of association according to one of the formulae given above, where n is now to be regarded as the sample size and the frequencies as the sample frequencies for the cells or the margins.

But this will not be a serious drawback unless we are interested in the individual country, person or object to which each figure refers. Unfortunately, for two-sided alternatives H: The higher the multiple correlation, the smaller is the conditional variance. In case none of the above procedures is feasible, one will, of course, have to make use of other theoretical distributions, e. But a better method for a continuous variable is to use a histogram.

We shall now’ take up tlie case of two variables. The necessary calculations arc indicated in the following table.

In such cases one cannot use the binomial distribution, but its approximation, the Poisson distribution, may still be employed ; 1. In particular, it may be required that the values of T, which purports to be a good estimator, should be more xasgupta more clustered around 6 with increasing sample size.


State and prove all important results relating to regression lines. The values x,y, may not be all different, but they arise from an exhaustive set of mutually exclusive cases. Obviously, if T is of this type, then any inference regarding 6 can be made on the basis of T alone, instead of starting with all n observations.

Questions and exercises 7.

We show below by examples how to calculate the sum, difference, product or quotient of numbers of various accuracies. These two classes define the f, j cell of the bivariate frequency table. We have then the hypothesis Hq: Such a diagram may be called a column diagram or 3, frequency bar diagram Fig. For estimating B on the basis of a random sample, Cj.

If log x has mean log f and standard deviation 8, then it has the p.

If the number of samples is large, these may be arranged into a frequency table. Some practical methods of obtaining random samples will be discussed in Volume 2. Sometimes the variable gpon be in the form per unit y, e.

Moreover, as we saw earlier, it serves as an approximation to the binomial and Poisson distributions, under certain conditions. Frequency distribution of I. The frequency distribution of a continuous variable needs special attention.