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Download e installazione della Guida. E se la presenza di giocatori esperti ti spaventa, non ti preoccupare. If you aim for max. Colgate Utente normale 22 Gennaio Optimally you want Crit.

Slayer | Rappelz Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Download e installazione della Guida. My personal favorite, because this is the highest damage belt pet setup. Retrieved rxppelz ” http: Slayer is also the best PVP class due to his giant hp.

Cerca solo i titoli. Diese Website steht zum Verkauf! I’ll change the guide to “Slayers are also extremely good in PVP[ Ranged DD with double Harp. Soul of lunacy 5x: Non solo combattimenti comunque.


If you don’t need the extra HP. Contents [ show ]. Take this if you are facing a warrior but need some accuracy.

Their stealth abilities allow them to plan strikes on their targets. Once r7 is hit, farming regular mobs becomes ridiculously easy, but of course not the fashionable recent mobs from VI and Cubric, where you need to be ranged. Courage of Grand Master Hector 3x: Slayer is also the best PVP class due to his giant hp.


Becoming a non-plus ultra Slayer is very expensive though, because it is a very popular class and good Phase Blades Equipment etc. Sign In Don’t have an account?

URU Live Fantasy http: NoN mi piace Altri. Tre fazioni rappelz cui scegliere e tanta customizzazione. Il mondo magico della fantasia medievale in questo classico gioco di ruolo per il tuo PC.

Colgate Utente normale 24 Gennaio If you struggle with your attack speed plateau or need some extra health you might want to take a Bear Skin belt. Knowledge of Grandmaster Hector 3x: My personal favorite, because this is the highest damage belt pet setup.


Take this if you are in an open battlefield with several enemies more physical enemies than magicians. Noiosetto In 2D considerato che ce ne sono molti in 3D Bisogna saper apprezzare molto questi giochi Altri. Search in titles only. Take up to three of them depending on your belt slots and how good your gear is. Ad essere sincero non mi piace!!! This Guide focuses mainly on the rappellz build since swords are superior once you have decent gear. Ashmaw the Devourer 7x: