Species affected: Mainly chickens, serotype 2 also occurs in turkeys and ducks. Age affected: Causes: Infectious bursal disease virus is a birnavirus. It is highly . Infectious bursal disease – Immunosuppression – Pathotype – Vaccination. Summary. Introduction in the sector over the sanitary status of poultry. Gumboro. In all poultry producing regions of the world, infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV ) continues to be a major constraint for poultry farmers.

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Pathological changes in specific-pathogen-free chickens experimentally inoculated with European and Japanese highly virulent strains of infectious bursal disease virus; pp.

It is concluded that IHC staining is a precise, specific, rapid, and reliable method to demonstrate the IBDV antigen in the altered tissues due to IBDV infection, which is in concurrence with gross or microscopic lesions and supplemented by immunofluorescent technique.

Necropsy examination will usually show changes in the bursa of Fabricius such as swelling, oedema, haemorrhage, the presence of a jelly serosa transudate and eventually, bursal atrophy. Diversity of genome segment B from infectious bursal disease viruses in the United States. The kidneys are affected by a severe urate diathesis.

Histopathological and immunohistochemical diagnosis of infectious bursal disease in poultry birds

These observations are in accordance with those reported by Juranova et al. Peer reviewers approved by Dr Andre Becker Saidenberg. The association of proventriculitis with IBD found in three out of six studied outbreaks goes in accordance with the previous findings by Pantin-Jackwood and Brown [ 35 ] and Grau-Roma et al.

Can J Vet Res.

Effect of infectious bursal disease on natural killer cell activity and mitogenic response of chicken lymphoid cells: Iowa State University Press; Limitations are possible interference with other herpesvirus of turkeys vaccines given at the same time, which may affect vaccine efficacy by reducing their replication in host tissues.


Development and large-scale use of recombinant VP2 vaccine for the prevention of infectious bursal disease of chickens. Prior to the visits to various farms as mentioned, necessary permission was sought with regards to collection of samples from diseased birds and generation of data either from loultry competent authority of university administration Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University [GADVASU] as well as from owners of respective farms.

A sero-epidemiological survey of infectious bursal disease in scavenging village chickens in Enugu State. Significance of bursa of Fabricius as target organ in infectious bursal disease of chickens. Sequential immunohistochemical detection of infectious bursal disease virus antigen in experimental chicken. Immunohistopathology The affected bursal pouktry revealed viral antigens in the lesion sites identified in tissue sections, especially inside the cells in the rarefied areas of bursal follicles along with the inner lining of the cystic cavities in affected follicles.

Infectious bursal disease – Wikipedia

Advanced immunopathological techniques, i. In addition, some IBDV live vaccines are expected to maintain quasispecies nature, which in the face of selection pressure may favor the outgrowth of more virulent antigenic variants or mutants in the viral population.

Nonetheless, hemorrhages over thigh muscles were rarely seen. List of OIE, [ 15 ], has included the disease in the list of notifiable diseases. Besides the bursa, the junction of proventriculus and gizzard were also hemorrhagic, as found by Islam and Samad [ 24 ]. Churchill Livingstone Publisher; Journals Why Publish With Us? Young birds at around two to eight weeks of age that have highly active bursa of Fabricius are more susceptible to disease.

Outbreaks of gumboro in growers in Zaria, Nigeria. Efficacy of DNA vaccines against infectious bursal disease virus in chickens enhanced by coadministration with CpG oligodeoxynucleotide.

The application of live vaccines in chickens is a key point in the prevention of IBD and should be related to the levels of maternal antibodies. This page was last edited on 23 Marchat With the advent of highly sensitive molecular techniques, such as reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction RT-PCR and restriction fragment length polymorphism RFLPit became possible to detect the vvIBDV, to differentiate IBDV strains, and to use such information in studying the molecular epidemiology of the virus.


Infectious bursal disease

For a statistical comparison gymboro be drawn, the mean and the standard deviation of the respective histopathological changes were also calculated, as shown in Table Economic impact gimboro recurrent outbreaks of gumboro disease in a commercial poultry farm in Kano, Nigeria. IBD could however be observed as long as chickens have a functioning bursa up to the age of 16 weeks.

Acute infectious bursal disease in poultry: Mundt E, Vakharia VN. The presence of cysts was highest in the fifth outbreak 1.

The reproduction, imitation or distribution of the book in whole poultrj in part, in any format electronic, photocopies etc. For IHC-fluorescent, tissue sections on poly-L-Lysine coated slides were deparaffinized and rehydrated, and antigen retrieval was done in citrate buffer solution. The liver was also found hyperemic with the round edges by Haghighi et al. Molecular epidemiology of infectious bursal disease viruses isolated from Southern China during the years — Genetic, antigenic and pathogenic characterization of four infectious bursal disease virus isolates from China suggests continued evolution of very virulent viruses.

Besides providing egg and meat, it proves to be a good and reliable source of income in rural areas [ 1 ]. The diagnosis of very virulent infectious bursal disease in California pullets. Characterisation of chicken viperin. Pathogenicity and immunosuppressive properties of GM strain of infectious bursal disease virus in ggumboro broiler chickens.

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