RPG Item: GURPS Low-Tech Companion 2: Weapons and Warriors» Forums» Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. So, for my previous article, I reviewed Low-Tech Companion 1, and now I’ll review Low-Tech Companion 2. From the subtitle, it is obvious that. Low-Tech Companion 2: Weapons and Warriors expands on the already- encyclopedic information on TL warfare in GURPS Low-Tech, adding: History.

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They otherwise function as rigid sword scabbards. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. Newer Post Older Post Home. For an alternate fantastic take on alchemy, plus low-tech “computers” that might have been developed on alternate worlds, check out GURPS Fantasy-Tech 1: Also am I the only one who feels the costs of the scaled weapons and armor are wonky, the costs only make sense if the only factor of cost was the material used, but that’s ignoring labor, cost of distribution and demand, i’m thinking if I need to use these weapons rules, I’ll use this formula to determine cost for small weapons I’d still use the regular formula for large weapons: Some are tipped with a sharp spike, which converts thrusting damage to impaling.

Make the usual attack roll to hit. When hooking a shield, roll to hit at -4 plus its DB.

GURPS Low-Tech Companion 2: Weapons and Warriors | Rules | Forum | BoardGameGeek

Typically shortsword-sized, falchions include the bolo Philippinesdan sang gum Koreafalcata pre-Roman Iberiaparang Indonesiasica Ancient Romesickle sword Universaland trombash Congo — and the butterfly sword Chinawhich sports a knuckle guard. Historically, the term described a double-edged knife with a crosspiece and a pommel — a tiny sword. LC4 — Weapons commonly used as tools e. Let’s look at these sections in depth now.


Low Tech Companion 2: Fixing a bayonet takes four Ready maneuvers: It describes typical building techniques for defensive structures and battlefield fixtures. Find More Posts by Prince Charon. This sectionfirst and foremost is an overview of the history of military technology as it pertains specifically to GURPS.

He adapts his tools to girps goals, knows his weaknesses as well as his strengths, and leads his allies to victory. The walking stick is an accessory of gen- tlemen worldwide. Daily Life and Economics looks at the lot of ordinary TL folk — much of which is of concern to adventurers, too!

Folds partially or not at all. Two interlocked, crescent- shaped blades with a techh in the center of one of the blades, creating a four-pointed cutting weapon capable of trapping weapons between its points.

A whip made of chain or short metal bars usually seven or nine of them joined by chains. Below is a glossary of muscle-powered TL melee weapons. Sean Punch 21 companiob. Privacy Policy Contact Us. A tangless folding knife with a pair of hollow handles that pivot forward to sheathe the blade or back to serve as a grip.

Some are short and knife-like; others are long and rake-like. B and calculating HP pp.

Sometimes called a butterfly knife. A studded or spiked leather hand covering; treat as a gauntlet DR 4. Used companoin a backup weapon and symbol of authority. As technology marches on, so does the machinery of death. Lack of familiarity with a particu- lar gun-bayonet combination gives -2 to hit; see Familiarity p.


The information is interesting and sometimes a mechanical piece is interspersed here or there; there is a described technique for some crazy chariot stunt fighting and a few described skill bonuses for gradually improving military technology. Preview of the PDF.

A small, weighted truncheon made of cloth or soft leather, designed to deliver a beating without obvious bruising Diagnosis-2 to notice the injury on a casual examination. Haladie — India, Sudan, Syria.

A term for what medieval European warriors called an arming sword, coined by 17th-century writers to distinguish robust military swords from narrow-bladed civilian ones. Forest Grove, Beaverton, Oregon.

Sean Punch 52 pages. But that’s not all!

GURPS Low-Tech Chapter 5

This is commonly referred to as pike and shot. Public All can see and participate is translation. Privacy Policy Contact Us. To stand and fight, they required protection. A metal ver- sion of the folding fan carried by men and women alike. A katana-sized wooden sword p. Regardless of the scale of the fighting in your campaign, Low-Tech Companion 2: Includes the tekko Japan, Okinawa. Many are topped with a crook adds no cost or weightwhich gufps use of the rules under Hook p.

Other entries are functionally similar enough to one of these weapons to use the same statistics, even if they differ radically in appearance. Butcher, Baker, Candlestick-Maker Society is built on the backs of people who gather resources and turn them into food, shelter, and finished goods.

For instance, a 4-lb.