I couldn’t tell you the exact year, but I’m pretty sure I was around 10 years old or so What I do very clearly remember was that it was on a Saturday afternoon. Hand Balancing for Muscular Development is a book written by Bill Hinbern on learning to do hand balancing. This book was actually for first. Hand-balancing is one of the most effective exercise programs you can do to develop Bill Hinbern is the unquestioned expert on the subject of hand- balancing.

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Do You Want to Be a Monster? Learn the anatomical details of how your body automatically maintains a sense of balance. That is right, you are the equipment and the world is the gymnasium.

Start building them with these four stretching exercises. My intentions were admittedly to be able to show off in a more dramatic manner…. You will not receive your subscription until you click that link to activate it.

Many of the oldtime strength athletes used hand balancing as a way to build incredible strength and upper body development. How to train for the MOST impressive hand-balancing feat of all.

Hand Balancing for Muscular Development

What I am talking about is the lost art of hand-balancing which used to be a big part of the training routines of many of the greatest strength names of the 20th century: I am up to holding my position against a door for 2 minutes.

With this guide in hand, I was no longer in the dark as far as how and where to get started. So your book, with detailed hand-balancihg on strength training, and then a progression of balances from beginner to advanced is ideal for me.

But that’s okay, because two of my good friends have excellent hand-balancing courses available. Again, thank you for the book. How to quickly and easily solve muscukar common problems of unbalancing and overbalancing two of the most important developkent you can know 3.


Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development by Bill HInbern –

developmeent Four different stretching exercises for maintaining strong, flexible shoulders. Kick-up into a handstand!

The 16 preliminary exercises with and without equipment that you can use to build a solid foundation. Despite my initial lack of success, my fascination with hand balancing skills still remained….

Thank you, Bill Hinbern, for your amazing work and your effort put into this book. After a brief review of your book it contains the information I have been seeking all these years to be able finally to do a hand stand and hand stand push ups. Train hard, John Wood P. I absolutely love the John Grimek course. It was a great feeling of accomplishment to do this!

Had-balancing to perform a hand stand from the seated position The mechanics of a Perfect Handstand and how to do one. Newer Post Older Post Home. It is excellent and I was one of the first to buy a copy. Hand-Balancing can be done anywhere. An important list of 16 preliminary strength developing exercises to condition your hands, wrists, fingers, neck, back and shoulders for muscularr.

Twenty Advanced Handbalancing moves guaranteed to impress anyone. And I describe John Grimek’s off the chart hand-stand pushup and tiger-bend workouts in my John Grimek training course.

You have a chance myscular not just get started, but to get started at the biill possible place and know exactly what you should be doing. The most difficult part of the Backward Roll up into The Handstand and how to conquer it easily. Read through it four or five times the first go around, and pick it up every few months. A list of resources developpment provided at the end of the course for any and all equipment needed. You can practice alone. You Can’t Make this Stuff Up!


Thank you so much for sharing such information with the novices like myself, for a very few people would like to share their hard developmfnt knowledge with the rest of the world.

Develop Power, Flexibility and Athleticism. Learn how to Roll Up Backward into a Handstand. Hand-Balancing requires flexible shoulders. Grimek is one of my personal ‘iron heroes’ and you did a spectacular job on it. As you can see, the information found in this course is mmuscular, and along with a lot of practice will help you become a master of hand-balancing in no time flat.

How to correctly use a wall for hand balancing practice They could easily do press-ups, handstand dips, tiger bends, planches, one-arm handstands, walking on their hands and other impressive hand-balancing feats. Posted by Brooks Kubik at 9: I have to say, a great product. Start off with 10 different Beginning Hand-Balances: I have been attempting hand-balancing at the end of my training sessions, but not muscupar much progress.

How Did the Old-timers Do It? Paulinetti, Bob Jones, Prof. To these you can also add in my own unrealistic expectations so its pretty easy to understand why things ended up the way they did. The One most important thing to remember above all else for hand balancing success In hamd-balancing to activate your subscription, check your email and click on the link in that email. If you don’t see that email in your inbox shortly, fill out the form again to have another copy of it sent to you.

How and why gym mats can aid in your early hand-balancing.