From a review of the first edition: ¿This book is a veritable tour de force. Harel writes with uncommon verve, clarity and imagination.’ ¿Through the use of. Algorithmics has 74 ratings and 4 reviews. Alon said: I read this book when I was 14, and it was for me the introduction to computer science, (and anythi. Computer science is the science of the future, and already underlies every facet of business and technology, and much of our everyday lives. In addition, it will.

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Books concerned primarily with computers or programming are intended to fulfill quite different needs. Bible quotations book-end each chapter and give this a frisson of something other. J rated it really liked it Jun 23, Views Read Edit View history.

This is followed by two chapters on the analysis of algorithms, treating, respectively, their correctness and efficiency mainly time efficiencyincluding techniques for establishing the former and estimating the latter. Perhaps most significantly, Turing’s insights from the mids, alongside the work of Alonzo Church and others, formed the foundations of our understanding that the general notion of computing, and thus of algorithms and the actual computers that implement them, are severely limited.

Hrel, to a algorithmice extent I am but a dwarf standing on the shoulders of a true giant; the true giant of our field. Ramzi Moussa rated it it was amazing Sep 08, Retrieved 2 January Addison-Wesley; 3 edition June 11, Language: He has published expository accounts of computer science, such as his award winning book “Algorithmics: However, in terms of the Algorithmics, the topic of this book, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Turing is the grand ancestor of several of the key ideas and subtopics thereof.

Get to Know Us. Chapter 12 is devoted to cryptography, and although Turing’s work is not mentioned there explicitly, it played a classical and crucial part in the development of the field.


I come from a non-computer science background.

Nov 04, Alon Gutman rated it really liked it. To Infinity and Beyond: The issues discussed herein are thus probably basic and lasting; maybe the term “classical” is algorlthmics fitting. It is recommended, however, that even those sections be skimmed, at least to get a superficial idea of their contents.

The remaining two chapters of Part IV were constructed by separating out the material on probabilistic algorithms Chapter 11 from that on cryptography now Chapter 12 — presented together in hare, single chapter in the previous editions — and extending both by discussions of some of the new developments in these fields.

David Harel – Wikipedia

The best algorithimcs ‘Algorithmics’ presents the most important, concepts, methods and results that are fundamental to the science of computing. Part Three of the book is devoted to the inherent limitations of effectively executable algorithms, and hence of the computers that implement them.

Algorithmicss next few paragraphs contain very brief discussions about a few of the relevant things that have happened in the last few years thanks to Uri Feige for helping me compile this list, and, of course, to my co-author Yishai Feldman. This book presents all the basic fundamental ideas of the theory of computation, using as little maths as possible.

History of computing binary codes and bits, level of transistors and logic machine language and assembler language from algoritnmics language to machine language What is computation? This book tells a story. Part V The Bigger Picture ends with the closing chapter of the previous editions, “Algorithms and Intelligence,” which is now Chapter The first edition of this book was intended to be read from beginning to end; it could also be used as a supplementary reading in a number of courses.

The algorithmicss is exceptionally good – like a true master of his subject, Harel makes concepts seem easy to grasp, though you may find that later on, you realize it was quite a subtle notion that was discussed.

New to the Third Edition. There are discussions on abstract data algofithmics, on the non-approximability of certain NP-complete problems, on probabilistically checkable proofs, and, of course, on the brand new AKS polynomial-time algorithm for primality. The solved exercises can thus be used to supplement the text. I recommend the book as an introduction since each subject it covers needs a book of it’s own so it can’t possibly cover every aspect of these topics.


The field is hugely consequential: Mateusz Staszczyk rated it really liked it May 21, One popular technique is map-reduce, inspired by functional programming as described in Chapter 3. The organization of this book is fantastic.

Prof. David Harel – Books

The text mentions that at the time of its publication the largest quantum computer actually built consisted of seven qubits. The reader can read these now or come back to them after reading algoritmics book itself. Cristian rated it really liked it Aug 23, Lars Fischer rated it really liked it Sep 23, However, Watson is strongly based on statistical techniques rather than classical knowledge representation, continuing the trend discussed towards the end of Chapter algorjthmics Oct 07, Alan rated it really liked it.

He sets out to present the essential notions of Algorithms and data structures, Turing machines, Finite state machines, Decidability, Computability, Complexity, NP-completeness, Correctness, Parallel algorithms, Probabilistic algorithms, and more with a minimum of mathematics and yet without sacrificing intellectual rigour – and lagorithmics admirably, succeeds in doing so.

David Harel

Discussions of some languages e. Turing also carried out pioneering work on morphogenesis and the way patterns are formed in the process. A good book with good substance about the Algorithm field and the chapters about Probabilistic Algorithms and Algorithmics and Inteligence is a good reference to start.