Independent Reading A Guide to Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad Ann Petry “On my Underground Railroad, I never ran my train off the. Harriet Tubman has ratings and reviews. Terrie said: This book was originally published in but has been updated with a forward by Jason Reyn. . Ann Petry’s Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad is a straightforward, dramatically compelling, well-researched biography on one of the.

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This is a typical book for older readers. She wanted everyone else to be free too. Although the novel is set in the immediate aftermath of World War II, Petry identified the New England huricane as the source for the storm that is at the center of her narrative. May 13, TC rated it it was amazing Shelves: From toeleven trips are noted in letters and record books. So I’ve really only read about 10 pages of this with my 8th graders From this woman, Tubman learned about the Underground Railroad.

She was a religious woman skilled in folk medicine. John Brown is hanged on December 2, pftry Nov 20, Jami Butts rated it it was amazing. I think this amount of detail also makes up for not having pictures in the book.

Preview — Harriet Tubman by Ann Petry.

Impacted by her Harlem experiences, Ann Petry used her creative writing skills to bring this experience to paper. Her compassion for others was astounding. May 24, Courtney rated it it was amazing. Realizing that she herself would have been born free if her mother had not been tricked, Harriet dreamed of running away. The narrator read slowly which I like and articulated well.


Lincoln says in a speech that the cash value of slaves would affect the North just as it would the South. At the end of every chapter, there is italicized text. When she heard that her sister Mary was about to be sold, she went to Baltimore. Ann Petry October 12, — April 28, was an American author who became the first black woman writer with book sales topping a million copies for her novel The Street.

When cotton became the most important crop in the South, the power and prosperity of the Southern states depended heavily on slave labor. Harriet was an amazing woman, an inspiration for all. Dec 23, Elijah rated it liked it. So she persuaded three of her brothers to accompany her; but her brothers changed their minds and forced her to return with them.

Harriet Tubman by Ann Petry | Scholastic

She spent the winter in St. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. This really is a great book I read about Harriet Tubman in middle school and I remember being so interested in her story and I feel like middler schoolers today will still like this book a lot.

Anne Withane This is from HarperCollins, but it’s probably similar: William Still, narriet black man who worked with the Underground Railroad; served as secretary and recordkeeper of the Vigilance Committee in Philadelphia.


I’m sure Petry did some research. No trivia or quizzes yet. Civil War Newspaper Template. She made repeated trips back to the sout This is a very readable biography petey the remarkable slave liberator.

However, her husband told her he would betray her to the master if she tried to escape. Most chapters end with an italicized summary of a historical event in the concurrent antislavery conflict.

Harriet Tubman

I enjoyed the information given, but the way it was presented made it more tedious to read in one day than other biographies I’ve read. The anj style was one I always enjoy.

She turned up in college and graduated with a Ph. This book is very complex, but is petrt interesting as you go along and harrieg an understanding of it.

Born into slavery, Old Rit was highly valued by Brodas and worked in his house. Jan 23, Brian Sims rated it really liked it. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with Harriet Tubman. Stories of enslaved Africans who journeyed to freedom; based on historical documents and true accounts.

The historical note focuses on the ambiguous situation of runaway slaves who had fled to Canada.