The Triple Helix: University-Industry-Government Innovation In Action London: Routledge, (). Translations: Swedish (); Chinese (); Portuguese. The Triple Helix — University-Industry-Government Relations: A Laboratory for Knowledge Based Etzkowitz, Henry and Leydesdorff, Loet, The Triple Helix. PDF | On Jun 1, , Anders Broström and others published The Triple Helix: University–industry–government innovation in action – By Henry Etzkowitz.

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Henry Etzkowitz’ Publications | Triple Helix Research Group

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The triple helix model of innovation also blurred the boundaries of the traditional basic roles of university, industry and government. Nobel Foundation Symposium on Science and Industry.

For instance, the model take for granted that knowledge intensive activities are etzkowit to economic growth, that intellectual property rights will be protected, and that the state has a democratic and market oriented culture.

Etzkowitz and Leydesdorff initially argued that the strength of the interactions between governments, industry and university depends on which component is the driving force in the framework. The Making of an Entrepreneurial University: From knowledge flows to the triple etzkowiyz Riots Versus Reconciliation with SchaflanderBoston: From Entrepreneurial Science to Social Entrepreneurship. A Cross-cultural analysis of the consequences of discrimination for women in science with Gupta, Kemelgor and Fuchs.


About THA – Triple Helix Association

Athena in the World of Techne: Science, Technology and the Entrepreneurial Spirit. The triple helix model as a etzkpwitz tool for economic growth and regional development has been criticized by many scholars. A Sociological Paradigm for Economic Development.

The Capitalization of Knowledge: However, the distinction between the two models is not always clear cut, as the government can choose to adopt a strong or a weak stance depending on the context and the industry. Social ehlix in the making?

Gender Dynamics in Science and Technology: Newcastle University Business School. Reprinted in Science and Technology London: The Renascence of Sociological Theory.

In a linear model of innovationuniversities are supposed to provide the research on which industry will build upon to produce commercial goods. Universities and the Commercialization of Knowledge: Theories of Science in Society, Science May, European Commission Directorate General for Research.

Triple helix model of innovation

Mendelsohn et al eds Science, Technology and the Military Dordrecht: When Path Dependencies Collide: However, other scholars have pointed out that consulting activities of faculty members could also have drawbacks, like a reduced focus on educating the students, and potential conflict of interests relating to the use of university resources for the benefit of industry.


This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat The Age of Knowledge: Cambridge University Press Pathways to the Entrepreneurial University: He gives the example of Carl Djerassia research director etzkowwitz a pharmaceutical company who joined Stanford University while continuing his industrial activity. Carayannis and David F. Environmentalism and Equity, Science Feb.

Cambridge University Press In Press. The Entrepreneurial University Mission with Ranga. El Auge de la Universidad Emprendedora. Ideology and Educational Utopias: Towards a theory of knowledge based regional development with KlofstenResearch Management 35 3: On the other hand, they can be the result of a university initiative to attract industry, as was the case with the development of Stanford ‘s science park around the university or the Research Triangle in North Carolina.