1. Excerpt from Hiroshima Diary (). 1. Michihiko Hachiya. 7 August I must have slept soundly because when I opened my eyes a piercing hot sun was . Michihiko Hachiya was a Japanese medical practitioner who survived the Hiroshima bombing in and kept a diary of his experience. He was Director of the. The late Dr. Michihiko Hachiya was director of the Hiroshima Communications Hospital when the world’s first atomic bomb was dropped on the city. Though his r .

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Quotes from Hiroshima Diary: Finally, the silence was broken by the sound of weeping. View all 6 comments.

From a medical standpoint which is largely what it This is a very difficult book for Americans, I think. Open Preview See a Problem? Wells, who in consultation with Dr. Hachiya first published his diary in a small Japanese-language medical journal Teishin Igaku that circulated among medical members of the Japanese communications services.

Through swirling dust I could barely discern a wooden column that had supported one corner of my house. Hachiya, made the diary to eiary published inunder the name of Hiroshima Diary. As subtle as thousands of people slowly oozing bodily fluids from every pore can be, anyway. And I understand its subject matter is perhaps the most horrific example of what humans have done to other humans. Lucky to survive at all, this journal is priceless for the descriptions of what ground zero actually looked like, the symptoms of radiation hiroehima before anyone knew what that was, exactly.

Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. A history of devastation and desperation hiroshimaa leaves the reader with the feeling that humans are good by nature despite of the factsand that human beings can do awesome things, and face any situation, with the help of hope and other people.

Painful to read and unflinching in its description of the intersection of technology and the immense capacity of human suffering. Thois cheered the patients in the hospital up immensely who wanted greater use of nuclear warheads against America. In spite of being a hospital’s diary about such a terrible matter, the lecture is very entertaining, following the thoughts and investigations carried by all the workers and the few visitors that carried help and suppor A wonderful recollection of memories from one of the worst moments for mankind.


It’s also important, as mentioned as well in the introduction, of what ‘Hiroshima Diary’ was not meant for, namely, public consumption. Those who believe in life.

Trivia About Hiroshima Diary: While following his eyes, do we in some way follow our own inner eye at ourselves. We only have to go to our movie theaters today to get million dollar sets to be blown up for the public’s new arena addiction. Is there an English translation of this available? He was Director of the Hiroshima Communications Hospital and lived near the hospital, about a mile from the explosion’s center.

Diarrea, vomito, petecchie, debolezza, febbre, ulcere, caduta di capelli; piano piano i sintomi vengono ordinati, pesati statisticamente, correlati alla posizione delle vittime al momento dell’esplosione, alla loro distanza dall’epicentro. In there was very little understanding of radiation poisoning, but Dr. Digo Dios me perdone porque suena el colmo de lo malvado que uno pueda “aburrirse” ante la tragedia ajena, pero es que tanto detalle es mucho que absorber si uno viene de otro contexto.

In spite of being a hospital’s diary about such a eiary matter, the lecture is very entertaining, viary the thoughts and investigations carried by all the workers and the few visitors that carried help and support, as well as some news from the rest of the world.

A must-read for any kind of person. By degree people began to whisper and then to talk in low voices until, out of the blue sky, someone shouted: Goodreads helps hiroshimz keep track of books you want to read. To view it, click here. It’s kind of like the times when in high dlary, I was asked to write an essay on a noveland found myself rather at a loss or loath to write about it, not because I had nothing to say and to those who know me know that I very rarely am at a loss for words, but that the novel had something so profound to talk about, I felt that it would serve and memorialize the work better hcahiya h Here is one of those unusual times when I’m not sure how to approach as subject, much less write hacbiya book review on.


As I said above, this work should not be read for the purposes of sensationalism. And I understand its subject matter is perhaps the most horrific example of Okay. They were civilians, just like the Germans, but they supported the war and the cruelty of hacchiya thoughts towards the enemy, the Allies knew no bounds.

Il fatto che questa frase sia stata pronunciata da Michihiko Hachiya, l’autore del diario, circa 15 giorni dopo l’esplosione della bomba atomica che rase al suolo Hiroshima, dovrebbe farvi capire di che libro stiamo parlando: There is a lot of valuable information about the times with which Dr.

Michihiko Hachiya

Their thirst for revenge and anger at the Emperor were extreme. I understand it was then translated into Hachiyq by another doctor with the intent that the language would remain as close to literal translation as possible.

View all 18 comments. I would strongly urge readers not to pass up the introduction. Una testimonianza preziosa, unica, questa del Dr.

Michihiko Hachiya – Wikipedia

Pika describes a flash of light and don describes an explosive sound. View all 9 comments. I never felt sorry for the bombing of Dresden. Solo ora, per la prima volta, sento di conoscerli realmente. Therefore I can’t rag too much on this book. Be the first to discover new talent! Tenemos tanto que aprender de la cultura oriental. The horrors are there, but he has selected from the mass of evidence, case histories that are important for medical science, human stories that touch the heart.

Hachiya lived very close to the hospital where he worked.

Though of a desperate sorrow, the pulse of a quiet, practical, serenity lives within and brings life to the pages of this book.