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This project has been design around HT12E and HT12D encoder / decoder chips from Holtek. With jumper selectable address on the receiver. The HT12E Encoder ICs are series of CMOS LSIs for Remote Control system applications. They are capable of Encoding 12 bit of information which consists of 8. Robokits India HT12E & HT12D Encoder and Decoder IC for RF Modules [RKI- ] – The HT 12E Encoder ICs are series of CMOS LSIs for Remote Control.

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I’ve never tried this before but looks ok. Please submit the url of the better price you saw. For fun here is a free tool to help design, layout and simulate.

I know but, th12e I’m going to sound like Olin here it should be easy to see how inconvenient it is, even for a new user. TB Stepper Motor Driver 4.

We will notify you the result by email. Return and Refund Policy. Use staples for power and ground rails. That means you need an inexpensive multimeter to do this. Easy to Use, Versatile Robotics Kits Guilherme Garcia da Rosa 2 3 7. Yah but I agree.


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ht12d & ht12e | EngineersGarage

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Post as a guest Name. Easy Interface with and RF or an Infrared transmission medium. Sign up using Facebook. Photograph just for reference. I see you do not have jumpers to join each side of the power rails.

This ICs are paired with each other.

Mercury ball tilt switch 5mm dia. I’m working on a similar circuit. Did you really need to post that many images without the full URLS, no less? Thanks for all your awnser, after studying a little bit into the RF module I found out my problem, the left side of both encoder and decoder are ht12f Address PIN, which means they will only communicate if those addresses are the same, that was what I was making wrong, I left them all at 1 and changed the resistors in them hy12d cause the TX need to have 20 times the resistence of the receiver, in other words 50k and 1M resistors.

All is working now, thanks to all. Tony EE rocketscientist 62k 2 21 Actual product may vary hr12d the product photograph displayed above.


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Email Required, but never shown. Full Name Email Address. Don’t use ht12f with thick insulation.

RF Remote Based Dc Motor Driver Using HT12E & HT12D

Buy 15 or more pieces to get Free Anf Option Availability: The Decoder receive the serial address and data from its corresponding decoder, transmitted by a carrier using an RF transmission medium and gives output to the output pins after processing the data. Add decoupling caps close to the IC. Keep IC’s close toegether and imagine that it is a printed circtuit board layout.

Yt12e up or log in Sign up using Google. Found this item with same quality and at a lower price but prefer to buy from robokits. And the picture of the circuit done: We will lauch an immediate investigation and try our best to beat the price, if it proves to be the same product.