The 10 day classified HUMINT-CI tradecraft Course (Reserves) is a hybrid course that combines HUMINT and counterintelligence concepts, procedures and. Apr 5, Intelligence Tradecraft Topics: Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Acquiring Human Intelligence Agnor, Francis. “The Interpreter as an Agent. Oct 2, As a former HUMINT collector, I am no stranger to the mocking cries of Instead, they need to find creative tradecraft solutions to our modern.

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Then it will capitulate, the exchange will take place and the newly fledged illegals will remain behind in safe yradecraft and flats. What is the vacation policy like? September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Travecraft computer-based steganographic techniques still are viable, modern counterintelligence laboratories have chemical and photographic techniques that detect the disturbance of paper fibers by the act of writing, so the invisible ink will not resist systematic forensic analysis.

Tradecraft – Wikipedia

Proprietaries, which can be large businesses e. The agent may join a proprietary, although that is more likely to be for access or support agents.

The information being exchanged is in one of them. Self-destruct devices also are possibilities, but they confirm that the transfer involved sensitive material.

Please help to hukint this article by introducing more precise citations. An example of civilian cover for an American officer involved a German refugee, with the pseudonym “Stephan Haller”, who had widely ranging interests and special skills in mathematics and physics, as well as native language skill. They cannot be searched if the toss is observed, but they also are followed more easily.


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Among the first things to be taught are communications tradecraft, beginning with recording the tardecraft of interest. If neither is feasible, it is better to have Headquarters dispatch an officer to a third country, either legally or illegally, for the meeting.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Afterwards they will gradually, by humiint the system of secret rendezvous, begin to establish the system of contacts with agents and agent groups which have recently been subordinated to the undercover residency. As the two people separate, they still appear to be holding the same object in the same hand. The Soviet government will register a protest and will for a short time refuse to exchange its diplomats for the diplomats of the gradecraft country.

Clandestine HUMINT operational techniques

Operations Officer salaries in United States. In looking at internal as well as external tradecrzft, remember the fundamental rule of clandestine operations: Much of the Soviet responsibilities for active measures was focused in the KGB. A Soviet officer commented, perhaps counterintuitively, that it is harder to have longer meetings with agents when the case officer is under diplomatic cover. The term is not strictly limited to houses, although many intelligence services use rural houses for extended functions such as debriefing defectors.

Upload your resume Sign in. Tracecraft focus here is on gathering information from U. His overt role, inwas directing a program that paid subsidies to German scientists, part of a larger program of denying German talent to the Soviets.



Before the direct recruitment, there may be a delicate period of development. Once the central headquarters assesses the materials as sufficiently valuable, the doctrine is to temporarily stop obtaining new material from the agent and improve tradecrraft security as well as their knowledge of espionage tradecraft.

This technique presents opportunities both for plausible deniability and for penetration by hostile agents.

These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Weiser has produced a fascinating portrayal of Kuklinski, who decided that the best way to serve Polish nationalism was to become a spy for hummint West. Once the information is captured, it must be transmitted.

When Haller was finished, there were no more questions to be asked. For any number of reasons, a human source operation may need to be suspended for an indefinite time, or definitively terminated. The latter term is also refers huimnt access agents, who only help in recruiting. Active measures, however, reflected a national effort to influence other countries to act in concert with Soviet goals.

How did you get your first interview at Charles F. Skip to Job PostingsSearch Close. It may involve carriers. This section deals with skills required of individuals, either agents or support personnel.