Some women opt for Hymenoplasty so that their hymen can be reconstructed. Click here to find out more about the details of the procedure!. Hymenoplasty is the procedure to restore the torn hymen intactness of which is presumed to be sign of virginity. Usual patient is an unmarried girl who had. Hymenorrhaphy or hymen reconstruction surgery is the temporary surgical restoration of the hymen. The term comes from the Greek words hymen meaning “membrane”, and raphḗ meaning “suture”. It is also known as hymenoplasty, although strictly this term would also The term may cover at least three significantly different types of procedure.

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She is worried about surgery part that how much time it will take and how much money for this surgery will doctor charge. Another is vulvar lipoclastic. In some cultures as well as religious communities, a high value is imposed on virgins before marriage.

Hymenoplasty — how to do

Patients are advised to contact their doctor immediately after a hymenorrhaphy if there is feverabdominal painbleeding from vagina or the reconstructed hymen. The hymen may be torn while cycling or performing gymnastics. Thank you so much. The Alloplant technique — This technique is followed when the remnants cannot be stitched back together. The basic technique – If there are remains of the hymen, it can be stitched back together.


It must be performed only by a plastic surgeon. You should use warm compresses and ice-packs to ease pain and swelling.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal: This can reduce the pleasure during intercourse for you and procedude man. One is vaginoplasty when the vagina lacks because of repeated childbirth, the vagina becomes very loose, and there is decreased sexual pleasure. Sutures dissolve by themselves after a few days.

Once you are fully prepared physically, mentally, emotionally, and financiallythe surgeon will fix a date for the surgery.

Hymenorrhaphy – Wikipedia

What are the benefits of hymenoplasty? The patient will be observed for a few hours in the recovery room after the treatment prcedure if there are no complications, she will be relieved.

Colloquially termed as revirgination, the purpose of hymenoplasty is to reconstruct the hymen, which often gets torn due to injury or extensive exercise. But it is crucial to avoid strenuous work or exercise.

Good hygiene is important to avoid infection. In most of the cases, the patient is discharged on the same day. Both these alternatives do not deliver an un-ruptured hymen, but you will get a tightened vaginal opening.

So I am not virgin. In this surgery, the edges of the torn hymen are stitched together to make it whole porcedure. These cosmetic surgeries are increasing day by day to improve the sexual desire and pleasure and because of the cosmetic region, we are doing this which is really really hymenoplasth. Hymen reconstruction can help a woman to enjoy her virginity once again.



Approximate charges of 25k can be considered. The risks associated with Hymenoplasty There is seldom any extreme complications or risks associated with Hymenoplasty.

For some people, an intact hymen has a great significance often an indication of a female prrocedure. A local or sometimes a general anesthesia will be administered to prevent pain and discomfort.

Physical activities such as strenuous exercise, swimming, aerobics should be avoided for at least a few weeks or as recommended by the doctor. In some countries, the surgery is illegal due to social and cultural reasons. Retrieved from ” https: So I was intimate so many times with my boy friend. In such situations, hymenoplasty can come to the rescue.

The normal aim is to cause bleeding during post-nuptial intercoursewhich in some cultures is considered proof of virginity.

Hymenoplasty: Procedure, Cost, Risk, Recovery And Hymenoplasty Surgery Side Effects

The entire procedure of Hymenoplasty seldom takes more than two hours. You need to refrain from sex till 8 weeks after the surgery. For long, people believed that a hymen, once ruptured, can never be restored. Genital bleaching is a safe and easy way to whiten your intimate areas.