This version of this document supersedes any and all previous versions of the ICVERIFY for Windows Setup Guide. Revision Date: 01 March ICVERIFY. Processor Setup Guide Last updated: January Processor Setup Guide Document Number: en_US PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is a registered . If you are not certain how to perform these tasks, or do not know if your computer is capable of running the software, please refer to the ICVERIFY Setup Guide.

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Concatenate parts B and Cresulting in the 16 digit printed card number. Select N if no validation is required. Figure 51 shows the fields icvericy in the Terminal ID tab.

When you are ready to proceed, click Next. Additional security is provided using tokenization where the real account number is replaced by a token at the POS. If you want to perform both types of credit card transactions, you must set up two separate merchant profiles, segup enable Cash Advance for one of them. About Interchange Networks In the context of electronic payment authorization, the exchange of financial transaction information is termed clearing; while the exchange of actual funds for the transaction and the fees associated with them is termed settlement.

This transaction is used when you want to verify funds on a cardholder account but not yet submit the transaction for settlement. Terminal-based settlement Page 7 of Refer to the online help on PayPal Manager for instructions on performing a transaction.

You may wish to set up at least one substation in order to perform these ssetup. This is a simple and effective way of controlling access to your merchant accounts and ensuring that only qualified employees are processing transactions.

If you are using XML mode: Only follow the instructions in this section if you are using First Data s Atlanta platform and have been specifically instructed by your acquiring bank not setpu use Datawire. Any transactions found are processed.


ICVERIFY for Windows Version , Release 4 Setup Guide – PDF

The information in this field will appear ucverify the screen when a transaction is declined. Not a guarantee that a transaction. A simulated payment network handles transactions, enabling you to verify the configuration and operation of your.

For the merchant using icverify. Note that the end sentinel for the Track 1 data, as well as the start and end sentinels for the Track 2 data, are still present in bold print. They are to be used only by licensed users of the product.

ICVERIFY for Windows Version 4.2 Software Developer s Kit Guide

Have a copy of this on-hand when you contact More information. General Information S80 Users Manual v1. Y Produces a simple response default Serup Produces the full response B Returns the text of the request as well as the simple response L Includes the request, date and time, with the simple response D Not Supported S Outputs as database format Business The description of your business.

Some Host-Based Processors do require a settlement to be performed; however, only batch totals are sent unless an out-of-balance condition is encountered.

Primary Network Serup This is icveriyf drop-down box used to select the connection your software will use as the primary method to reach the First Horizon gateway. Confirm that your computer system meets the minimum requirements, including the service pack levels required for your chosen operating system. For more comprehensive help setpu using Express More information.

You can also use Browse to select the request file directory. You can specify the location of the User Manager database through the options in Figure 5.

When enabled, Training Mode simulates a response from the processing network. E-commerce transactions require an inherently higher level of security than transactions that communicate over the traditional phone system. Net Customer Support support authorize. If this is not done, transaction data from different merchant setups will be mixed together in the same files and sent to the wrong processor, or submitted under the wrong merchant account.


The file is referred to as a request file. If you re performing DCC processing, the summary will be similar to Figure 9b. Merchant Discount Rates are calculated using a cost-based interchange methodology, based upon the economic characteristics of the products you sell, the industry segment to which you belong, and the processing characteristics of that industry segment. Set it to H if your profile is set icverfiy such that the platform closes the batch automatically on your behalf.

Credit Card Processing Presentation Name: The Processor acts as an intermediary between you and your financial institution it checks the icverkfy s account and then if the funds are available approves the transaction and routes the funds to your account when the approved transaction is settled.

This swiped data contains Track 1 and Track 2 data, which is separated by start and end sentinels. Because some credit card icvreify now require software vendors icvwrify track which of their customers are on certain software products, ICVERIFY version 4.

Page 84 of The value cannot be 4. or blank. You can skip this section if you are not using RBS Lynk. If you are not sure of the number of users that you are licensed for, check the Number of Users field under the Terminal ID tab of Advanced Setup. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Charges to a customer s card are not settled until a checkout is performed. This app is optimized for iphone 5. Table icverufy describes the fields displayed in the Printing Options tab. No part of More information. This publication, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced or transmitted. Refer to Appendix A for a list of codes and their definitions. Page 97 of